880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown / Black Review

  • Maintenance - 9/10
  • Design - 8.5/10
  • Accuracy - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.7/10


The 880 Powerline is also the best air rifle for those who are just beginning to learn the art of shooting.

The 880 Powerline Kit is an air rifle kit that has been produced by the Daisy company. This particular air rifle is arguably the best air rifle that Daisy has to offer. This model has an attractive wood-grained Monte Carlo stock and forearm. The 880 Powerline is available in both brown as well as black. The air rifle, however, is not the only item that is being offered by Daisy. This 880 Powerline kit also contains safety glasses, 4×15-millimeter scope with rings, 500 Daisy pellets, as well as 750 BB pellets. To find out if this air gun has all the specifications that you require, you should keep reading.


The 880 Powerline is a bolt-action, multi-pneumatic pump rifle with a weight of 3.1 lbs. The air gun has a shot capacity of 50 shots and a calibre of 0.177. The 880 Powerline has a total length of 37.6 inches and a barrel length of 21 inches. The air rifle consists of rifled steel barrel. The trigger pull has been calculated at 7 lbs with a cocking effort between two to ten pumps. The 880 Powerline has a single stage trigger.


This air gun has 4×15 millimeter scope that has been included with rings. The receiver is made out of engineering resin and has a dovetail mount for the scope that has been provided. The stock, forearm, and the grip of the 880 Powerline complement one another. They have been designed with a molded, wood-grained Monte Carlo motif. This design is available in brown and black. The buttplate of the rifle is made out of plastic. The 880 Powerline contains a single, manual safety feature. The safety consists of a crossbolt trigger block.

The muzzle velocity of this air rifle depends on the ammunition that is being used. The maximum velocity changes with each type of ammo. The maximum muzzle velocity that can be achieved with the BB ammo is 800 feet per second. Pellets produce a maximum velocity of 665 feet per second. The greatest shooting distance achieved with this air gun is 291 yards.
880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown / Black


  • Structure: One of the positive aspects of the 880 Powerline is how easy it is to handle the gun. Weighing a mere 3.1 lbs., this air rifle is a great deal easier to manage as it is much lighter than most air rifles. It is also accommodating for additional features such as scopes and extensions, if needed.
  • Ammunition choices: there are two different types of ammunition that can be used with this air rifle – BBs and pellets. In addition to being able choose between the ammo that you can use, there is also a great deal of capacity. The 880 Powerline is capable of accommodating up to 50 BBs.
  • Easy to use: this air rifle can be managed by people of varying abilities. In particular, this is due to the flexible stock. It is a great gun when trying to teach people how to shoot or how to get more comfortable with firing.
  • Accuracy: the grip and the holding features are just some of the characteristics that contribute to the precision provided by the 880 Powerline. The fiber optic front only adds to any ability that the shooter might already have.
  • Accessories: the Daisy ammo that is provided by the kit helps the gun to work to its optimal capacity. It is the best ammo for the 880 Powerline. The safety glasses provided improve security while using the gun as well as adding to the whole shooting experience.


  • Loading: loading the pellets into the receiver is a considerable manual action. You need to open and close the breech every time you want to load the gun.
  • Pressurizing problem: there is criteria involved in order to pressurize the rifle by pumping. The bolt needs to first be pulled back and then a BB loaded.
  • Manual labor: there is a great deal of manual labor required when working this gun.
  • Shot interval: you cannot shoot the rifle in consecutive motions. There is a certain amount of time between the first shot fired and the second one.
  • Safety mechanism: the safety features on the gun are somewhat lacking. It is best to have the appropriate gear when shooting this gun.


The 880 Powerline Kit is a hit among its users. Over half of those who have purchased this air rifle would give it a 5 out of 5 rating. The majority of the rest of the users give it at least a 4 star rating. This rifle is popular for several reasons including its accuracy, how easy it is to use, and how light the rifle is. These and more, are why many individuals choose to recommend this air rifle for those looking to buy one.


The final deduction for the 880 Powerline Kit is that it is an extremely effective machine. In addition, it is extremely affordable, particularly compared to other air rifles with the same capacity. The 880 Powerline is also the best air rifle for those who are just beginning to learn the art of shooting. It is extremely lightweight and does not require much power when pulling the trigger. The kit also provides you with everything you need including ammunition and safety glasses. It is a fan favorite as it is reliable and shoots well. It is certainly a must-have in any gun aficionado’s collection.