AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer Review

  • Affordability - 9.3/10
  • Performance - 9.5/10
  • Durability - 9.5/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.3/10
  • Design - 9.4/10


With 2,000 PSI, this will make a nice choice for a powerful electric pressure washer. It also comes with four Quick Connect nozzles to suit different applications. It has wheeled design for ease of maneuverability.


The best electric pressure washer can be useful in more ways than one. You can use it for cleaning your car or getting rid of dirt that has been stuck on your wall. It can deliver a plethora of benefits, but only if you make the right choice. You should not choose just any product or the one with the cheapest price. You need to take time to evaluate its features, including possible drawbacks. It will also be good to consult with what other people have to say to evaluate the possibilities.

If there is one product that deserves your attention, it would be AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer. Many best electric pressure washer reviews have expressed favorable feedbacks about this product. If you want to know more about this model, including its features, pros, and cons, keep on reading.

2,000 PSI

Most of the electric pressure washers meant for domestic applications have below 2,000 PSI. With the pounds per square inch in this product, you can expect that it will deliver excellent performance. You can expect the best in outdoor cleaning performance. Whether for RV or pavements, among others, this will be a dependable choice.

On-Board Storage

This is another excellent feature that you can find in this product. With the latter, you can expect that it will provide easy access to the essential tools that you will need. This also makes it easy to stay organized. You do not need to have a separate toolbox to keep the essentials with you.

Total Stop System

With this feature, the motor will automatically stop working if the trigger is not engaged. This will help to lengthen the functional life of the unit as it can prevent the motor from overheating. This also means that you can expect it to be efficient in terms of energy consumption.

48-ounce Detergent Tank

The large capacity of the detergent tank is another feature that is worth highlighting. With the latter, you will enjoy easy access to the soap that will make cleaning more efficient. Because of its size, it is also a good thing that there is no need for frequent refilling.


  • Environmentally-Friendly: This is a benefit of electric pressure washers in general as against the use of conventional hose. It will allow you to use up to 80% less water even in the most demanding jobs.
  • Multiple Nozzles: Another good thing about this product is that it comes with multiple nozzles. With the latter, you can easily change the nozzle to suit the specific cleaning task that you need to complete.
  • Easy to Maneuver: It is also a good choice because it comes with excellent wheels, which will make it effortless to maneuver. This is better than their heavy counterparts that you need to hold in your hand while pressure washing.
  • Powerful Motor: The motor that is integrated in the unit is also commendable. With this, you can expect that it will deliver an exceptional performance, even if the task is demanding. From the flow rate to coverage, this can be a reliable option.
  • Durable: Even through the years, you can expect that it will not be easily prone to external damages, except for the hose. The housing is made to withstand wear and tear. It might be a little expensive, but it is sure to be worth your money as it will be useful for a long time.


  • Stiff Hose: The material that is used in the hose could have been better. It is a bit stiff. This means that you will have to exert more effort when reeling the hose. Also, there are some who reported that it can be easily prone to breakage. Make sure to be gentle and clean it regularly to extend its lifespan.
  • Assembly Can Be Tricky: Another problem with this model is that the assembly may take quite a while. There are instructions provided, but they could have been written better. You might find yourself struggling a bit in figuring out its assembly.


AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer will make another great choice. If you look for electric pressure washer reviews online, you will see that this is often praised because of its powerful motor, which can deliver up to 2,000 PSI. There are also 4 Quick Connect nozzles, which can be easily interchanged depending on the specific application. Its assembly, however, can be a bit difficult and the hose is stiff.