Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B SVIS Headphone Review

Our Ratings
  • Audio Quality - 9/10
  • Comfort - 10/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Value - 9/10
  • Portability - 9/10


The Audio Technica ATH ANC7B SVIS, in particular, has a well-rounded and easy-to-use features that make it stand out from the other models of noise cancelling headphones.

There are numerous noise cancelling headphones available in the market nowadays. You want to have a headphone, especially if you are the type of person who cannot last an hour without listening to music. This is perfect when you want to watch movies and you do not want to disturb other people. It is even better when the noise cancelling technology built into the headphone is worthy of note. This means that you are able to hear the music with so much clarity that you will not be able to notice any environmental noise. This should improve your music listening or movie watching experience. It will be a more enjoyable experience for you then. If you want to enjoy music or watch movie to the fullest, then you have to find the right noise cancelling headphones in the market. One of the highly recommended noise cancelling headphone is the Audio Technica ATCH ANC7B SVIS. This is the kind of headphone that has comfortable design, excellent noise cancelling capabilities, and good sound rolled into one. Here are the features that you will highly likely love when you have this particular headphone.


When it comes to noise cancelling headphones, the most important factor that you have to consider is just how much noise can the multimedia accessory block. The Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B SVIS should be capable of reducing outside noise to as much as 20 decibels. Nearby conversations as well as plane, car, and train noises are much quieter with the headphone on. Loud distractions are easily eliminated. The sound quality is really great, with the frequency that allows you to hear the deep bass notes and high treble notes clearly. 


Music Sensitivity

The sensitivity of this particular headphone is great enough. With as much as 109 decibels, it is easy to hear the fluctuations in your favorite movie’s score. Compared to other noise cancelling headphone models, the Audio Technica ATCH ANC7B SVIS offer more colorful sounds. Moreover, it has a 40mm driver which helps you hear fresh soundscape. 


Starting from the noise cancelling feature of the said model, you can have it work by powering it up with an AAA battery. If it stops working, then you simply have to replace it by rotating the ear cup. From that one battery, you can enjoy music for as much as 40 hours before it requires replacement. If the battery runs out and there is no replacement available, then you simply have to switch to the passive mode. You can operate the headphone even without a battery this way. When in passive mode, the headphones will function similar to that of a noise-isolating headphone and muffling outside noise. 

Music Sensitivity



The Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B SVIS has an over-the-ear design which perfectly seals out the noise together with the noise cancelling technology. It has a maximum weight of 7.4 ounches, making it of perfect weight and size for longer listening duration. The headphone is really comfortable and lightweight. You can bring it with you as you go to your gym or office. The foldable feature can be easily packed into the carrying case. The ear cups have detachable cords and can fit easily in the case, without worrying about any tangles while in transit. 


For the warranty, this particular Audio Technica headphones have a one-year warranty attached to it. This means that you can get free repairs or replacements when something wrong happens within the first 12 months after purchase. The support team can be reached via phone or email, in case you need some technical help. Of course, there is also the operator’s manual which comes with the packaging. The manual can be downloaded online too.


  • Lightweight Design: The Audio Technica ATH ANC7B SVIS has a lightweight design which makes it easier for you to wear the headphone without causing irritations.
  • Portable Design: Since it is lightweight, you will want to bring it with you wherever you are. Good thing that this Audio Technica ATH ANC7B SVIS has a portable design which makes it easy to store and transport. 


  • No Remote: For a headphone that can also be connected to a variety of smart phone devices, it does not have a remote for answering phone calls.
  • No Volume Control: This particular noise cancelling headphone does not have controls for adjusting the volume. 


The noise cancelling headphones are the highly sought-after headphones in the market simply because they offer exceptional music listening or movie watching experience. The Audio Technica ATH ANC7B SVIS, in particular, has a well-rounded and easy-to-use features that make it stand out from the other models of noise cancelling headphones. The protection it offers you from the loud disrupting environmental sounds is superb. You get to listen to quality sounds without the headphones irritating your ears. The Audio Technica ATH ANC7B SVIS should be the kind of noise cancelling headphones you can get great value from.