Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Review

  • Design - 9/10
  • Usability - 8.5/10
  • Durability - 9/10


Overall, the Lil Banshee is probably one of the best compound bow in its price range. This is largely due to how easy young children find it to use.

Archery is more than a pastime – it is a sport. It is also rapidly increasing in popularity due to a string of books and movies. This means that children are beginning to take a great deal of interest in archery and are signing up to take lessons. They are going to require equipment that is well suited to them. This is why it is important to find the best compound bow to fit the size and stature of a child. It is also going to need other specifications that are strictly tailored to be used by younger individuals. Take a look at Barnett’s Lil Banshee archery set is for your little one:

Easy Gripping

Children, particularly, beginners are not as adept at handling bows as adults. Barnett’s Lil Banshee has kept this mind and responded accordingly. First, the soft touch grip is quite different from an adult’s bow. It does serve a purpose, however. It helps kids to hold onto the bow even when they are not used to handling an instrument such as it. In addition to helping the little ones to hit the target, it is also an added safety measure. This prevents the arrow from ending up where it should not. It is a first but important step in creating a bow that is particularly tailored to children.
Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Review

The Draw

One of the more impressive features on the Lil Banshee is the draw. This is for two separate reasons. First, the Lil Banshee boasts a draw weight of 18 pounds. This affords many kids of varying ages to easily be able to manage this weight. The second draw concept is the draw length. This lies between 18 and 22 inches. Once again, this makes it quite suitable for children of different ages to handle this bow. In addition to the adjustable draw length, this feature is supported by a smooth-drawing wheel. This makes it easier for beginners to easily pull the arrows back and let fly.

The Handle

Another helpful attribute of the Lil Banshee is the handle. This is largely because of its ambidextrous composition. Unlike a lot of other bows on the market, children who are either left handed or right handed can use this bow with ease. This is particularly important if you have children of different handedness. It will prevent you from needing multiple bows within the same family. The set also comes with finger rollers. This will prevent your child’s fingers from blistering and will allow them to practice for a longer period of time.


What makes the Lil Banshee such a pleasure to shoot is the ease with which most archers – even beginners – hit the target. The combination of the above features, creates a great dynamic for kids to hit the target more times than not. To help with the already precision targeting, the set comes with an adjustable sight. This will help your kids to aim even better. It is also good practice for when they are more seasoned and need to move onto a more professional bow.


The main area of complaint regarding this product has been the arrows. They appear to not be as durable as the rest of the set. People have complained of the tips of the arrows, in particular. The tips disengage from the rest of the arrow quite easily. This is particularly a problem once the arrow has been wedged in the target. If it is not very carefully removed, the tip separates from the rest. This makes it less than ideal for tougher targets. Some users have also found that the fletching, too, is easily detached from the arrow. At times, the fletching can interfere with the shooting process of the bow.


  • Easy to use: this bow is ideal for younger children who are trying to get the hang of archery. It is perfectly suited to smaller individuals.
  • Ambidextrous handle: this handle means that children of either handedness can use this bow with ease.
  • Good draw features: the draw features of this arrow means that it is easier to use for those without a lot of strength. It is also easily drawn back by children of different ages due to the varying draw length.
  • Good targeting: it is quite easy for beginners to hit the target due to the features of the Lil Banshee. The targeting is enhanced by the added, adjustable sight that comes with the bow.


  • Poor arrows: the arrows are not of the best quality and can hinder the performance of the bow.


The Lil Banshee has rated an impressive four and a half out of five stars. Over half of the users believe that this bow performs with an above average functioning. Over 20 percent of those that purchased this bow, believe that it deserves at least a four star rating. Less than 15 percent of the individuals who bought the Lil Banshee felt that it had a mediocre performance.


Overall, the Lil Banshee is probably one of the best compound bow in its price range. This is largely due to how easy young children find it to use. It allows them to gain adequate knowledge and practice about archery and the skills required. It has been tailored for those with limited strength and range. It, however, has a power that is adequate to improve the necessary archery abilities. Children of varying ages can be comfortable using this bow. More importantly, those just starting will find it quite easy to use. There are some flaws such as the quality of the arrows. All in all, however, this is a good investment for children who are interested in archery.