Bear Archery Brave Bow Set Review

  • Design - 9/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Durability - 8.5/10


It can be used only by a small minority of archers. Despite this, it remains an adequate set for starters.

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow – Green
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Archery is a very popular sport among young children. It has seen, however, a sudden surge in interest among children and teenagers. This means that these youngsters requires bows that are tailored to them. Most beginners are unable to use professional bows and arrows and need something that is suited to their smaller frames. The best way to decide which bow is right for the young one in your family, you need to peruse through compound bow reviews. Read through this evaluation and you will be able to now if the Bear Brave archery bow set is the right choice for your little one.

Starter Set

The Bear Brave bow is best for individuals who are just starting out on their archery journey. It has been fine tuned to accommodate smaller hands as well as reach. The draw length on this bow is between thirteen and a half inches and nineteen inches. This is perfect for younger kids as it gives them a good starting point. Furthermore, the draw weight is calculated at between fifteen and twenty five pounds. Once again, it is ideal for those who are not used to notching and pulling an arrow before letting it loose. The easy to work structure of the bow means that novices are given the opportunity to learn. It is definitely a good buy for those who would like to begin teaching their children how to use a bow and arrow.
Bear Archery Brave Bow Set Review


The let-off on the Bear Brave bow has been stated as 65 percent. This is a good let-off percentage to have for a few reasons. First, as this bow is geared to a younger audience, they will have to bear less strain thanks to the majority of it being balanced elsewhere. This means that smaller archers will find it easier to fire the arrows. A 65 percent let-off is also a good point to practice rather than opting for a higher let-off. Many professional competitors prefer their let-off to be at this particular percentage. Also, at sixty five percent, there is a higher possibility of being able to garner a faster foot per second advantage over other let-off percentages.

Whisker Biscuit

This Bear model comes equipped with a whisker biscuit. This is to help fledgling archers aim better. It can be quite difficult to hold an arrow steady when archers are first starting out. Younger children, especially may find it difficult to hold an arrow in place while notching it as well. This is where the whisker biscuit is an advantage. In addition to holding it in place, this feature improves aim considerably. The young children will find it much easier to hit their target when using the whisker biscuit. It is a great way to introduce smaller children to the different techniques of archery.


Accuracy is a key factor in archery. Those who are beginning, often find it quite overwhelming trying to hit a target. The Bear Brave bow helps youngsters to have greater precision when they are shooting. Within the space of ten yards, the Bear Brave is quite accurate. The downside is that the draw length means that accuracy at greater distances is not necessarily possible. However, as it is aimed at beginners, it offers a good point for those who are only just starting out.


One of the disadvantages of the Bear Brave bow is that it is simply cannot be adjusted to considerable draw lengths or weights. This means that only a limited amount of individuals can truly utilize this bow. For instance, it has been found that those who are younger than eight cannot use the bow as it is quite difficult to draw the string back. Similarly, children who are lacking in some upper body strength can find it quite hard to maneuver the string and the arrow. It is also not a bow that will really grow with the user. Once you have learned the basics or are above a certain age, this bow is not really constructed to be of use.


  • Well crafted: this bow is very good for novice archers. Its features aid young children who are just learning how to shoot with a bow and arrow.
  • Easy to use: the Bear Brave bow comes equipped with a whisker biscuit which helps children to keep the arrow steady and aim better.


  • Minimal precision: this bow cannot often be used at distances greater than 10 yards.
  • Beginners only: the Bear Brave bow is strictly for those above the age of 8 and for individuals who are not looking for a professional bow.


The Bear Bravery bow set has received a 4.4 rating (out of five). This is quite a good score and means that the majority of users felt like this bow had great value for its price. Less than eighteen percent of the people who purchased this archery set felt that it did not live up to its reputation. Overall, however the ratings have been quite good.


In conclusion, the Bear Bravery bow set certainly shines among the other compound bow reviews. It is quite good for children who are trying to get the hang of archery. This bow has been created to meet the standards of those with smaller reach and who are not capable of handling considerable weights. It is also decently accurate within a certain range in relation to the target. The Bear Bravery bow is not perfect, however, and does have some flaws. Namely, it is quite inflexible past a certain stage. It can be used only by a small minority of archers. Despite this, it remains an adequate set for starters.