Black and Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Power - 9/10
  • Comfort - 8/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Warranty - 7/10


This battery-operated chainsaw is made by a trusted brand, making it worth considering. It is lightweight, can start easily, long-lasting, and requires minimal maintenance.

At one point, you will need to use a chainsaw. You need it when you have to prune trees or improve landscaping, among others. For some, it is required in their line of work. Regardless of the application, it will surely prove to be an excellent investment. Nonetheless, keep in mind that not just any chainsaw will suffice. You need to find one that is feature-rich and can offer user-friendliness. Among other options, one that will confront you is Black and Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw. Is it going to be an excellent choice? Keep on reading to know more about this model.

40V Max Lithium Ion Battery

Since this is a battery-operated chainsaw, one of the most important things that should be checked would be the quality of the battery. You will definitely not be disappointed with this model. It can hold a charge for up to 18 months, which is pretty much impressive. It also has an indicator, providing you with immediate notification about the state of its charge.
Black and Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw Review

Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

This is one of the features that make it convenient and user-friendly. Adjusting the chain will surely be quick and almost effortless on your end. There are no special tools that are needed. All of the necessary adjustments can be done onboard and in a snap. To add, it is also lightweight, making it easy to make the modifications as they are needed.

12-inch Kickback Bar

Another feature that is worth noting in this chainsaw is the Oregon kickback bar. It also has an automatic oiling system. This is one more reason why this should be on the top of the list of your options. This essentially makes sure that maintenance is going to be minimal. The bar oil can be conveniently checked from the window, letting you know when there is a need to have it filled. With this feature, use and maintenance of the chainsaw is sure to be effortless on your end.

Three-Year Warranty

If you experience any problem or defect within a span of three years, you can have it returned to the manufacturer and they will have it repaired without any cost on your end. To be eligible for the warranty, however, you have to make sure that the problem is not because of your fault or negligence. Read the terms from the manufacturer so that the warranty will not be voided.
Black and Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw Review


  • Easy to Start: Many of the chainsaws in the market will require the need to pull a cord before the operation can be launched. In the case of this model, on the other hand, this is not going to be any problem.
  • Excellent Cuts: To be able to judge the quality of the chainsaw, you have to take a look at the output and consider the type of cut that it is able to create. With Black and Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw, as reported by its users, it can deliver impressive cuts.
  • Lightweight: When operating a chainsaw, you have to manually carry it by hand. If it is heavy, it won’t take long before you will complain of discomfort. This product is impressive because it is built to be lightweight. Even if you will be using it for an extended period, it will be easy to handle because of its weight.
  • Minimal Maintenance: As it has been mentioned earlier, one of the best things about this model is the automatic oiling, which minimizes the effort that is required on your end when it comes to maintenance.


  • Limited Capacity: This is one drawback that is common in chainsaws that are operated by a battery. Their functionality will be limited by their battery life, which is usually four to six hours. Once the battery is drained, the chainsaw will no longer be useful.
  • Not for Heavy Duty Cutting: If you are a professional and looking for a chainsaw that comes with exceptional cutting capabilities, this may not necessarily be an excellent choice for you. As noted by some users, this may not deliver optimal performance in heavy duty jobs.


Those who are on the lookout for the best chainsaw should not look any further. Black and Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw is one of the best options you can consider, especially because it is made by a reputable brand. It is a cordless model and powered by a decent battery. It can create excellent cuts, lightweight, and can deliver long-term reliability. Keep in mind, however, that because it is battery-powered, its functionality can be a bit limited based on how long the charge of the battery will last.

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