Black & Decker TR117 Hedge Trimmer Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Power - 9/10
  • Comfort - 9/10
  • Blade - 8/10
  • Durability - 8/10


With this corded electric hedge trimmer, you can enjoy dependable performance that is perfect for small to medium tasks. It has steel blades that are not only durable, but also produces less vibration. It is also user-friendly and has an ergonomic design.

BLACK+DECKER TR117 3.2-Amp Hedge Trimmer, 17"
List Price:$49.90
You Save:$8.33
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Black & Decker is perhaps one of the brands that stands out on the market when talking about power tools. For many years, it is one of the leading forces within the product category. They have introduced a variety of technologies in order to give their products an edge above all others. Almost all of their products were given favorable ratings and positive reviews. One of the products that they offer is Black & Decker TR117 Hedge Trimmer. Is this going to be an investment that is worth your money? We’ll help you decide by having a quick look at its features, including its pros and cons. We hope that this will help you to come up with a well-informed decision.

17-inch Blade

The length of the blade is shorter than many other models in the product category. This may have limitations when it comes to performance, but when it comes to power, it does not run short of being impressive. The dual action blade is made from steel that has been pre-hardened and rust-resistant. This means that even through the years, you can expect that the blade will deliver optimal functionality.
Black & Decker TR117 Hedge Trimmer Review

Lightweight Design

Portability and convenience are two of the things that make this an impressive option for a hedge trimmer. This is made possible by the fact that it comes with a lightweight body. This is perfect for people who frequently hedge or those who do it for an extended period, such as those who do it for a living. Because of its weight, you can be assured of your comfort, even if it is going to be handled for an extended period. This is going to lessen fatigue that is associated with its use.

Safe Design

Safety is one more thing that is worth noting when it comes to its design. One of the features that makes this possible is lock-off switch. The latter specifically prevents the unit from accidentally starting, and hence, preventing the possibility of suffering from injuries. It also comes with cord retention, which will prevent the unit from being accidentally unplugged. The unit is extremely straightforward to use, minimizing the possibility of committing errors that could possibly result into safety issues.


  • Reduced Vibration: When using hedge trimmers, vibration is one of the issues that can possibly lead into discomfort. The design of this model, specifically the blade, is optimized in such a way that it can deliver as much as 40% reduction in the vibration that is produced, making it effective in terms of the elimination of user fatigue.
  • Long-Lasting Blade: The durability of the blade is unquestionable. As it has been earlier mentioned, it is made from steel, which is already enough reason to believe that it is going to be long-lasting. It is even pre-hardened to offer better rigidity. It can also resist corrosion and rusting.
  • Compact: The design of this model is made to be as sleek as possible. This is also lightweight which means that handling the unit will be a breeze, even if you will be hedging for an extended period.
  • Safe: Accidental injuries can be prevented with the use of this model. Earlier, we have noted that it comes with a lock-off switch, which means that you will not have it accidentally started.
  • Easy to Use: If you are looking for a hedge trimmer that is not intimidating, this is a good choice. Even if you are a beginner you will not have any problem with this model. Its use is going to be straightforward.


  • Limited Mobility: It should be noted that this is a corded electric model. This means that there will be limitations when it comes to your movements. You can use it only where there is a socket where you can have it plugged. You cannot move far from the source of power.
  • Not for Heavy Hedging: If you require one product that is perfect for heavy-duty tasks, this may not be an excellent choice. There are many people who have complained that the performance is dismal when it is used for large hedges.


Looking for an easy to use hedge trimmer that can deliver dependable performance? Black & Decker TR117 Hedge Trimmer is one of the options that should be taken into consideration. Built specifically for small to medium applications, this corded electric hedge trimmer is user-friendly and incorporates safety features, such as cord retention and lock-off switch. It also comes with steel blades, which are made to resist corrosion and rust, allowing it to withstand many years of use. User comfort is assured with the use of this hedge trimmer as it produces up to 40% lesser vibration compared to conventional models.