Black Ops Tactical Sniper Air Rifle Combo Review

  • Maintenance - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Accuracy - 8/10
  • Overall - 8/10


If you are looking for the best air rifle to make a reliable and cost-effective purchase.

What is the use of a gun if it is not accurate? Most tactical air guns tend to be inaccurate since they lack precision. This is why Black Ops decided to create the best air rifle as a single-shot pellet gun. Due to this inclusion of a rifled barrel, this gun can deliver an accurate shot. This particular sniper is useful in eliminating pests. Of course, you can use it for hunting and plinking purposes too. All types of snipers – including this one – require surgical precision to make a hit. In this case, you must not only have a good eye sight, but you should know your rifle like the back of your hand. This will enable you to use the rifle’s features to your advantage. If you have no idea about this air gun, then luckily for you everything you need is listed right below.

The Scope

The rifle has a 4×32 scope that is perfect for a day of field work. The scope has the capacity to focus up to 10 yards. The scope is mounted on high, see-through weaver rings. This is an advantage for the shooter since it eliminates the creep that occurs during the firing. These weaver rings are quite the bonus feature for a rifle within this price range. This enhances the accuracy of the rifle and thereby will enable you to get rid of the rodents in a single shot.

The Trigger

The pull of the trigger is long and heavy. This is no surprise considering the design of the rifle. Most of the consumers have reported that the rifle is easy to cock. This enables you to make your shots quick and thorough.

The Appearance

The external look of the gun is one of its biggest treasures. Unlike most air rifles, this is not beautiful or elegant. On the contrary, it is plain and professional. This makes the rifle highly suitable for an experienced shooter. Although the gun looks and feels bigger, the impression is deceptive to a certain extent. The rifle is not even an inch longer than most air guns in the market. The vertical pistol grip and the high scope placement make the rifle seem big, especially from a side view. The stock is made of a number of synthetic parts which further contribute towards the rifle’s professional design.

The Speed

The speed and accuracy are the most important features of any sniper. The maximum muzzle velocity of this rifle is approximately 1200 fps. This was obtained through the use of lightweight alloy pellets. This makes the air rifle highly suitable for hunting small rodents in your home.


  • Tactical looking – This is one of the main benefits of any tactical sniper. Although the rifle lacks the beauty of a hardwood stock, the professionalism of the synthetic parts definitely make up for it. If you are an established shooting enthusiast looking for a rifle that suits your style, then you need to bet your money on this one.
  • Cost-effectiveness – The Black Ops Tactical Sniper is without a doubt one of the most reasonable deals in the sniper market. Although the price might be higher than the average air rifle, the features of the gun make it a solid investment.
  • Durable stock – The synthetic stock is not only a unique design, but it is also a durable one. Unlike hardwood stocks, this does not get affected due to climate changes. This means that you can get your gun out in winter too. Moreover, the synthetic material of the stock make it easier for the user to clean and maintain the rifle.

Black Ops Tactical Sniper Air Rifle Combo


  • Loud noise – This common complaint is no surprise knowing that the rifle comes with a light pellet. When using alloy pellets at a velocity range of 1100 fps, the pellets exceed the speed of sound. This can increase the sound to a great extent and might even result in a sonic boom.


The reviews about this particular air rifle seem to be neutral. The mixed statistics in various online sites further prove the credibility of this statement. Positive reviews mostly boast the power and the accuracy of the rifle. Many have mentioned that the rifle looks ‘cooler’ than its counterparts due to the use of synthetic material. The negative reviews mostly focus around the noise complaints. This loud noise can be dealt through a number ways. For instance, you can easily avoid the sonic booming noise by regularly cleaning the barrel.


The cool, tactical design and the supersonic velocity will make you worship this rifle regardless of how many guns you have in your collection. If you are looking for the best air rifle to make a reliable and cost-effective purchase, the heavy-duty power and the amazing scope of this sniper will enable you to experience just that. All in all, the Black Ops Tactical Sniper Air Rifle is the perfect choice for any experienced shooter who is looking for a gun that he or she can love and trust.