Body Champ BRM3671 Review

  • Cost - 8/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Weight Capacity - 8/10
  • Features - 9/10


When you have already read and compared the advantages and the disadvantages of using such model. In this manner, you will be able to make a sound decision that you will not be regretting in the future.

Great importance must be given by individuals to their respective health conditions. If they remain healthy, they will still be able to do the things that they have been doing on a daily basis. They can also avoid certain illnesses. For this, a balanced meal filled with the different vitamins and minerals needed by the body should be consumed. In addition, working out must also be a part of the daily routine. For the latter, you can actually utilize an elliptical machine that offers a full body workout to any user. Certainly, there are a lot of elliptical machines being sold nowadays. With all these brands, you might want to check out the Body Champ BRM3671 model. To determine whether this is worth the purchase, you should dive into the features, pros and cons that are associated with this unit.

Two-In-One Design

This model features a two-in-one design. This means that the product can be switched from an elliptical trainer to a stationary bike and vice versa, depending on which one you would like to use at a certain point in time. With this feature, you will not get bored as it offers you with several various movements that you can do with the machine. Most of the time, when boredom strikes, there is a great possibility that the individual will end up not working out.

Two-In-One Design

10 Preset Workout Programs

You will also notice that there are already around 10 preset workout programs which are incorporated in the machine. With several options that you can choose from, you will surely be able to find the workout program that is most suitable for you. Since they are already preset, as well, you can also easily and quickly adjust the settings of the machine according to the workout program which you will be choosing.


A warranty is being provided by the company to those who will be buying this specific product. With this warranty, the company is assuring the good quality of their product to the buyer. For the frame, a one year warranty is given by the manufacturer. For the parts, the manufacturer is giving a 90 day warranty. Whatever the durations of these warranties may be, you have to know exactly what your options are in case you need the warranty.

Weight Capacity

This model is capable of supporting or accommodating an individual who weighs up to 250 pounds. The person will be able to perform his workouts while not worrying about the possibility of the machine collapsing under him.


Advanced Magnetic Resistance System

The advanced magnetic resistance system is also featured in the unit. With this system, a smooth and quiet ride will be experienced by the user. With that said, you will surely not be disturbing other people who may be doing something near you while you perform your workouts.


  • Convenience and Comfort – This model offers convenience and comfort due to the vertical and horizontal adjustments that you can possibly do to the seat. You can have it adjusted vertically or horizontally, depending on which position you will be most comfortable with while utilizing the machine.
  • Durability – The primary material that is utilized by the company in order to have the frame manufactured is steel. Durability is one characteristic that is known to be associated with steel. In this case, you will also be assured that the machine is durable. Because of its durability, it has a longer product life which will then allow you to utilize the machine for a long period of time, as well.
  • Versatility – Its versatility is due to its two-in-one design. You can either choose to ride a stationary bike or switch to an elliptical trainer.
  • Reasonable Size – This item only takes up a reasonable amount of space just like any traditional stationary bike that is available nowadays.


  • Length of the Stride – Some people find the length of the stride shorter than what is considered to be the natural length. In this case, other people, especially those who have shorter physical heights, will have troubles using the unit. The noticeable adjustments cannot fill the gap between the highest and lowest points of the machine.
  • Wobbly – Some individuals will also complain about the machine being wobbly, especially if they are near the weight capacity limit and if they are working out on higher intensity levels.


You will surely be able to find a lot of useful features in this model of elliptical trainer. Before going to a company that manufactures and sells this product to place an order, though, you must make sure that you have already read and compared the advantages and the disadvantages of using such model. In this manner, you will be able to make a sound decision that you will not be regretting in the future.