Brabantia Ironing Board Review

  • Size - 7/10
  • Weight - 7/10
  • Storage - 8/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Durability - 8/10


The Brabantia ironing board is oftentimes likened as the Rolls Royce or Lamborghini of ironing board. It is very durable and a lot of customers are seeking this one out.

Ironing the clothes is a way to keep yourself looking neat and clean when going out. When meeting with important clients or attending a life-changing event, then wearing neat clothes is a must. You can only achieve that if you have the right ironing board and iron at home. You should put importance in buying the ironing board. Just because there are a lot of ironing board in the market does not mean that you can pick the first one that you can find. You have to be meticulous in choosing so that you can enjoy the benefits that an ironing board can offer you with. If you want to get an ironing board that has features worth the money you invest, then consider getting the Brabantia ironing board. The features that come with this particular ironing board will definitely make you feel satisfied with your purchase.

Wide Ironing Surface

When it comes to the type and size, the Brabantia ironing board is one with stellar specifications. It is one of the extra-large ironing boards available in the market, considering that it has an extra wide ironing surface. The measurement of the ironing board alone is already at 49 inches by 19 inches. This is the perfect ironing board for the people who usually iron larger items like bed linens and mattresses.
Brabantia Ironing Board Review

Adjustable Height

It is not just the weight that the Brabantia ironing board is proud of. The adjustable height feature of the said ironing board also makes it a perfect household tool both for short and tall people. The ironing board can be adjusted in between 30 to 38 inches in terms of height. With the adjustable height, you can customize the ironing board according to what you find comfortable.

User-Friendly Shoulder Shape

The Brabantia ironing board is designed to meet people’s common needs. This is the reason why the design of the ironing board is considered to be user-friendly. The shoulder shape incorporated into the ironing board surface allows for easier ironing of shirts and blouses. The pointed end are ideal for ironing pants.

Heat Resistant Protective Strips

One of the clever features that set apart the Brabantia ironing board from the rest is the heat-resistant, no-skid strips that protect the ironing board from the heat of the iron. This is the kind of protective strip that is found at the solid steam iron rest. There will be no damage inflicted on the iron as well. With the said protective strips found in the iron rest, you can be assured that the iron will have a place you can put it down to despite being too hot. It is also through the non-skip strips that you are assured no scorch or burn marks are left behind in your work surface.

Cotton Cover

Just like most of the quality ironing boards available in the market, the said Brabantia ironing board has a 100 percent cotton cover. It also has a stylish design of moving circles. The cover is made with a significantly resilient foam. It also has a viscose ironing surface underlay. With these materials, there is optimal crease-free laundry results once you are done with your ironing. The cover is also known to feature a tensioner which ensures the surface stays taut, which then promotes a smoother ironing experience.

Safety Features

Brabantia Ironing Board
The Brabantia ironing board does not overlook safety concerns. With safety in mind, the Brabantia ironing board is designed to remain stable despite the type of floor surface it is placed on. This means that the ironing board will never rock when you are ironing. Each of its feet also has protective caps that prevent the ironing board from moving around, especially when you are using it on hard floors.

Child Safety Lock

This particular ironing board has an in-built child safety lock that prevents the table from accidentally collapsing. The handy transport lock is also present, which ensures that the ironing board remains closed during storage or transportation.
Brabantia Ironing Board


  • Easy to Use: You can assemble and disassemble the ironing board without any problems. Ironing with the Brabantia ironing board is also a smooth experience.
  • Easy to Store: The Brabantia ironing board can be collapsed when you want to store it away. It does not take too much space when you are storing it away too.
  • Warranty: The warranty covers 10 years of the ironing board’s lifespan – a perfect guarantee for the ironing board’s quality.


  • Only One Design: This only comes in a blue moving circle design.
  • Not Light nor Portable: Given the size of the said ironing board, it may not be that light or portable.


The Brabantia ironing board is oftentimes likened as the Rolls Royce or Lamborghini of ironing board. It is very durable and a lot of customers are seeking this one out. You can say that this is definitely the best one in the market. If you plan to have an ironing board at home, then this is the perfect one to purchase.