Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder Reviews

  • Function - 9.5/10
  • Price - 9.9/10
  • Durability - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.3/10
  • Design - 9/10


One of the many gadgets being used is the rangefinder. This can measure from one point to another. If you are a golfer that values the price of your rangefinder, then using the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder.

Golf players want to have a good game whether they are amateurs or professionals. They can only have a good game if they are equipped with the necessary gadgets that will make their play better. One of these gadgets is the rangefinder. The rangefinder is a gadget which measures the distance of one point to the flag. There are so many rangefinders in the market but it is important to choose the right one which can help you in each game.

If you are after the price of the rangefinder but you still want something that can function as well as the others, then the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder should be a good choice for you. It has a six times magnification lens and it has pin sensor which can help you get your ball to the flag.

So if you are a golfer which aims to give information about your golf flag and you just want to be focused on the target and not be misguided by the different surroundings, then the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder is most appropriate for you. It is considered to have the best available price with good features.

Dual Mode

It comes in two modes. The first one is the scan mode which finds the distances between bunkers and water hazards. The other mode is called pin sensor mode which gets to the flag right away.

fast and fairly accurate readings

Accurate readings

This rangefinder has a three pin sensor that when active helps in removing wrong information and wrong readings of the background items and only focuses on the flag itself. Golf players do not like to get bothered by the different backgrounds and they become out of focused.

Good Optic Lenses

It has good optic lenses that can magnify up to six times. It can measure an object up to 550 yards. The first 150 can be taken well but after that it would be very difficult but the golfer can have good approximation.

Easy Using

Color Availability

The golfer can choose between four colors. There is white, black, orange, and red.

Clear LCD Monitor

It has a clear LCD Monitor. It can display the measurements and can be read with ease. Even if it rains, the LCD can still display in a good screen.

Water Resistant

It is water proof. It can survive in the rain and it can still display a good view. However, this rangefinder is not advisable to be used underwater.


It is lightweight therefore it can be carried in different areas. Moreover, it can be handled with ease. Its feature is still compact which makes it strong and sturdy but handy.


  • Accurate Readings : It has a good pin sensor that helps in providing the first priority target and that is the golf flag.
  • Good LCD Monitor :It has a clear and good LCD screen which makes reading the measurements clear even if it is raining.
  • Good Optics : It comes with multi layered optics that can magnify up to six times of magnification. Moreover, because of its multi layered optics, it can have clearer images even in the rain.
  • Continuous Measurement : Once the open button is pressed; it will have a continuous measurement of eight seconds.


  • Limited Features : Due to its price, it does not have very complete features compared to the very high end rangefinders. However, if you are thinking of the price then this one should be a good deal for you. Other rangefinders are expensive but can function as this one.
  • Slope Measurement : The measurement of the yardage does not include the slope.
  • Long Distance Measurement : This rangefinder can measure up to 550 yards but only the first 150 yards is clear. After 150, it is not very clear but can be approximated well. This rangefinder is not advisable for the measurement of very long distances.


In conclusion, if you are a golfer, you always want to have a good game. Having a good game is not easy. It can only be achieved by using certain gadgets that aids in achieving your goal. One of the many gadgets being used is the rangefinder. This can measure from one point to another. If you are a golfer that values the price of your rangefinder, then using the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder. It is cheap but it has almost the same features with the high-end ones. Aside from that, it is handy because it is lightweight. It has good optic lenses and it has good LCD monitor. There were several disadvantages seen as well just like its limited features, it cannot measure the slope and it cannot measure long distances. Overall, this is a good rangefinder and can be brought to competitions.