Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Review

  • Comfort - 9/10
  • Ease of Assembly - 8.5/10
  • Portability - 9/10
  • Weather Resistance - 9.5/10
  • Design - 9/10


Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent can offer tons of befits, such as ease of set up, portability, and spacious interiors. There are some problems, such as having a thin floor, but such should not be a big issue.

Do you love camping? Are you looking for a dependable tent with features that can make sure of your comfort? Have you been frustrated in using tents with inferior quality? If you answer YES in these questions, you need to read the rest of this review to help you know more about Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent. It is made by a trusted brand, giving you one good reason to have it considered above others. More than its brand, however, it is also replete in terms of features that will make camping more memorable and fun.

WeatherTec System

This is a Coleman exclusive technology and a feature that gives this model an edge above many others. Basically, this is the one that is responsible for being able to control temperature inside the tent. It combats the heat and the cold, providing you the assurance of being comfortable.

Insta-Clip Pole Attachments

Since camping is done outdoors and in environments where you have no control over the wind, this is a nice feature. This ensures that the tent will stand robustly amidst the wind.

Hinged Door

This is one feature that gives the tent a commendable design, and more importantly, a homey feel. The door is easy to open and close, making entry and exit a snap.

Vent Window

Another feature that needs to be highlighted is the vent window, which allows sufficient airflow inside the tent. This will help to make sure that you won’t feel scorching hot when inside the tent.

6 Feet, 2 Inches Center Height

This is one feature that many people liked about this tent, especially those who are tall. A lot of the camping tents available in the market have limited height, and hence, making it uncomfortable for taller campers. At such a height, you will not have difficulty in standing and moving around inside the tent.


  • Exceptional Design: From the first look at the tent, it is almost impossible to not fall in love with its design. Aside from the hinged door, another design element that is notable is the awning, which offers privacy and protection from the rain and sun. You can enjoy an additional space by the porch. It has a modified dome structure that offers added benefits compared to the traditional dome tents available in the market.
  • Spacious Interior: One of the most common problems with other tents is their limitations in terms of space. If you are tall or if you are camping as a group, you might find it hard to move when you are inside. With the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent, on the other hand, the case is different. Even if there are eight people, the tent is spacious. Nonetheless, if you want to be comfortable and to have space for your camping gears, limiting the capacity to six people is highly recommended.
  • Portable and Easy to Pitch: Many tents are bulky and too heavy, especially if they are as big as one that can accommodate up to 8 people. With this tent, however, you can enjoy portability. It even comes with a carrying bag. More importantly, its assembly can be completed in a snap. Even if you have not yet pitched a tent in the past, you will surely not have any problem.
  • No Leaking: Even if it is raining during your camping trip, there is no need to be worried. The tent is designed with exclusive technology that makes it able to resist water. There are no leaks from the roof or from the floor. You can sleep without the need to be worried about water penetration.


  • Floor is Thin: One of the most common complaints about this tent is that the flooring material is a bit thin, which can lead into discomfort when you are camping on rough terrains. To solve this problem, make sure to bring a mattress that is thick enough or an airbed.
  • Not Enough Space for 8 People: Sure, there are many who noted that the tent is spacious. However, based on some reviews, if the 8-person capacity is reached, comfort will be compensated. Therefore, so that this will not be too much of a problem, avoid using the tent in its full capacity.


Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent can offer tons of befits, such as ease of set up, portability, and spacious interiors. There are some problems, such as having a thin floor, but such should not be a big issue. This is going to prove to be an excellent choice if you are looking for a tent with a reasonable price that can comfortably fit a big group. It is built for up to 8 people, but it would be best to not maximize its capacity if you are looking for a roomier interior.