Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

  • Maintenance - 9/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Accuracy - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.8/10


These beneficial features make the Crosman Optimus the best air rifle in the market that is suitable for a number of tasks such as shooting, plinking and small game hunting.

When selecting a rifle, people always opt for the product’s demand and popularity. Although these factors are important, your decision must be based on the rifle’s suitability and functionality. The Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle is one of the best deals any gunner can get in the current market. It is not only the popular choice among rifle enthusiasts. Its authoritative power and elegance make it the best air rifle for your needs. As you may already know, the value of most rifles are overstated by many users. If you want to know what the Crosman Optimus brings to the table, then keep on reading to get a closer look.

Hardwood Stock

The hardwood stock of the product is the main reason for the rifle’s elegance. It not only offers the user the right balance, but it increases the visual interest of the overall product. The hardwood stock is not just a pretty face. Apart from being appealing to the eye, the stock is also ambidextrous. This offers the user a great deal of flexibility. It does not matter whether you are right-handed or otherwise, this rifle will fit right in. Moreover, you need not worry about quality and maintenance since the hardwood material reduces the need for regular cleaning.
Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

Steel Barrel

Even though the barrel is made of steel, the rifle has a relatively small cocking force. One of the main advantages of the barrel is its contribution to the rifle’s flexibility. With a total length of 45” and weight of 7 pounds, this product is suitable to sit on any qualified gunner’s shoulders. The steel barrel not only adds to the overall strength of the gun, but it is easy to clean and maintain as well.

4×32 Scope

The micro-adjustable rear sight and the fiber optic front sight will not allow you to miss your target. The 4×32 scope is increases the accuracy of the shot and makes it easier to shoot down the rodents that occupy your home. The scope also contributes towards the knockdown power of the rifle by allowing you to shoot up to 1200ft per second.

Muzzle Velocity

According to the reports provided by Crosman, the Optimus is capable of generating a muzzle velocity of 1000 FPS with pellets. It can also generate 1200 FPS with alloy pellets. This is an outstanding power capacity for an air rifle, especially for one within this price range. This power capacity makes the rifle highly suitable for target shooting and plinking. Furthermore, this high muzzle velocity makes the Optimus a decent hunting rifle.
Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle


  • High power – The firing power of the Optimus is one of its greatest features. Multiple users have commented that the power is the strong enough to break the sound barrier.
  • Great accuracy – The 4×32 fiber optic sighting increases the overall precision and accuracy of the rifle to a significant length.
  • Easy cocking – Usually, a powerful springer such as this one are quite difficult to cock. However, most users have reported that the Crosman Optimus was surprisingly easy to cock, especially when compared to other rifles with a similar amount of power.
  • Hunting – Although it is specifically created for pest control and target shooting, some users have stated that this rifle can be suitable for small game hunting too.


  • Noise – A few reviewers have stated that the rifle is too loud. Considering its muzzle velocity, this is no surprise. Yet, this complaint is only the view of a minority. More than 80% of the users have reported that the noises levels were ‘tolerable’. Regardless of its features, a spring rifle will definitely result in some noise, especially due to the use of fast alloy pellets.


The most repeated comment by majority of the purchasers is the rifle’s cost-effectiveness. Given the rifle’s features and specifications, this is an outstanding offer. Despite its power, accuracy, and elegance, the rifle is being sold in a relatively low price range. This unusual value is one of them main reasons for the rifle’s popularity and demand among online consumers.


The functionality and unbelievable value of the Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle has impressed a vast majority of the consumers. The fiber optic sighting is a blessing for the gunners who have difficulties with hitting the target with precision. The small hunting game power is an added bonus all buyers enjoy. Apart from its usability, the spring-rifle is a handsome fellow too. The attractive wood stock will not only last for years, but requires minimal care from the user. These beneficial features make the Crosman Optimus the best air rifle in the market that is suitable for a number of tasks such as shooting, plinking and small game hunting. This makes product useful for both newbies and experienced enthusiasts alike. So, whether you are looking for an air rifle to kill soda cans or the raccoons in your basement, you will definitely be pleased with the Crosman Optimus.