Dewalt DC390B Circular Saw Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Power - 7/10
  • Weight - 9/10
  • Comfort - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10


With this circular saw, you will enjoy reliability and performance, which is because of its brushless, fan-cooled motor. The latter can deliver 3,700 revolutions per minute. It is also designed with emphasis on durability, and more importantly, comfort of the user.


For most people who are looking for a circular saw, brand name is often one of the most important considerations. More often than not, they would trust a product that is made by a popular company compared to a manufacturer they have not heard of before. Take for instance the case of Dewalt DC390B Circular Saw. It is a preferred choice by many people since it is made by Dewalt, which happens to be one of the most established names on the market for power tools. But, will its brand name be enough to convince you to have it chosen above all others? Will its features live up to its name? Keep on reading to learn more about this model.
Dewalt DC390B

Carbide-Tipped Blade

If you are evaluating the options for the best circular saw, one of the first things that should be looked at would be the quality of the blade. In the case of this model, there is no need for you to be worried. The blade can withstand many years of use, and more importantly, it will be able to showcase exceptional cutting performance, even in thicker materials.

Fan-Cooled Motor

Aside from the blade, the motor will also be a critical consideration in your quest towards finding the best circular saw. Its motor is brushless and can deliver a reliable performance, even in tough tasks. It can produce as much as 3,700 revolutions per minute, which is one of the reasons why you can expect it to be reliable. You can expect it to make cuts quickly and accurately while requiring minimal effort on your end.

High-Strength Magnesium Shoe

Durability is another factor that will be critical to consider when you are evaluating the different options for the best circular shoe. If you are looking for one that will demonstrate long-term functionality, you have another reason to consider this model above other alternatives that you can find on the market. It will take a long time before it will ask for a replacement.

Vibration-Dampening Rubber Grip

This is one feature that will make sure of your comfort, even if you expect to be using the circular saw for a long time. When you are cutting thicker materials, it is common for other circular saws to vibrate. This, in turn, can lead into discomfort on your end as you can feel the unit rattling. With this model, on the other hand, it has a padded grip that reduces the amount of vibration that you will feel.
Dewalt DC390B


  • Cordless: One of the best things about this model is its cordless design, which means that it is going to be easier to use compared to those with cord. This will provide you with the freedom to move and work even in locations where there is no electric supply. You just have to make sure that the battery is charged.
  • Lightweight: Another good thing about this model is that it comes with a lightweight body, which is basically one of the reasons why it is user-friendly. This will also minimize fatigue that you can experience in its use.
  • Powerful: It is also a good thing that it comes with a powerful motor, making it useful for a wide array of tasks. You can be sure that it will be a dependable circular saw, which is perfect even for professional use.
  • Well-balanced Design: This is one more thing that contributes to the comfort that you can expect from this model. Handling the unit will surely not be a problem because it is perfectly balanced.


  • Handle is a Bit Awkward: Some people have complained about the design of the handle, noting that it can be challenging to hold. If you are working for an extended period of time, this can be a more serious problem.
  • Bare Tool: At its price, there are some who were disappointed that it is a bare tool. This means that there are no charger and battery included. Since you have to buy it separately, this will inevitably be an added cost on your end.


Made by one of the most reputable companies in the market for power tools, Dewalt DC390B Circular Saw is one of the most reliable options that can be taken into account. It can deliver 3,700 revolutions per minute and it comes with a fan-cooled, brushless motor. It is easy to use and prioritizes the comfort of the user. It comes with a well-balanced design and it has a vibration dampening on the handle, which helps promote the highest level of comfort for the user.