Diamond Atomic Package Review

  • Design - 9/10
  • Usability - 8.5/10
  • Durability - 8.5/10


If you are looking for high-end performance and dead-on accuracy, then this compound bow is ‘The One’.

Similar to many other sports, archery is a skill that must be a mastered at a young age. Learning the tactics and the rules at this stage will enable one to truly master the art during adulthood. When it comes to youth archery, you require two things to make your training worthwhile – determination and resources. While some people think that determination is hard to find, do know that spotting the best compound bow can be harder. With the rise of amateur products in the market, identifying a high quality bow is a nightmare. If you wish to make a reliable purchase then, you need to bet your money on the Diamond Atomic Package.

Despite what others might say, do know that it is never too late to learn archery. With the Diamond Atomic Package, you will be able to have a truly benefitting learning experience. The biggest appeal of this product is its suitability for growing and learning archers. If you are looking for the perfect compound bow to make your training successful and safe, then do know that you have found your match.
Diamond Atomic Package Review

Lightweight Design

The bows on the market are getting lighter by the year. Although lightweight bows are beneficial for all archers, do know that it is the younglings that benefit the most from such equipment. You will be able to train for hours (although it is recommended not to) and shoot countless times without getting sore. Once you learn the basics, you will find that this bow will be supportive during your hunting trips too. Since the bow weighs less than 2.5 pounds, you can be assured that it will not bear you down.

High Adjustability

When it comes to archery, it is important for all learners to understand that there is no such thing as ‘One size fits all”. When looking for compound bows for sale, you need to purchase an equipment that suits your size – in particular, your arm length. Remember that the growth of teenagers happens suddenly and at an irregular pace. Thus, it is highly important to purchase an adjustable compound bow. So, even if your child grows during the training period, he or she will still be able to use the product. The Diamond Atomic Package has a 12-24” draw length and a 6-29 pound draw weight. You can be assured that your child will definitely fit within this range.

Package Content and Assembly

The Diamond Atomic Package includes all the necessary archery equipment a beginner requires. Apart from the lightweight compound bow, you will also get three carbon arrows, a three pin fiber optic sight, full capture arrow rest, and a three-arrow quiver. Thus, there is no need for you to shop for these gadgets separately. Furthermore, the equipment is very easy to assemble. You do not need the assistance of a YouTube tutorial. With the use of the manual, you will be able to manage the assembly all on your own.
Diamond Atomic Package


  • The draw circle – The draw circle of the bow is particularly designed for the use of young archers. The draw circle perfectly accommodates the stature of a youngster and thereby makes the bow feel steady and comfortable.
  • Dual Aluminum Cams – The equipment includes dual, machined, aluminum cams that enable the user to hit the target with force and precision. The smoothness of the draw and the accuracy of the shot will makes the sport more thrilling.
  • Visual appeal – The Diamond Atomic Package is not only interesting to use, but it is interesting to look at as well. The shades of blue and black and the stylish design, makes the bow an instant head-turner.


  • Not designed for adult archers – Although the product includes many beneficial features, unfortunately it is only useful for young archers. This equipment is not suitable or beneficial for an adult user.
  • Not designed for hunting – Under the assumption that young archers are not fit for hunting, the brand has made the equipment only suitable for target practice. This makes the equipment redundant for young archers who are interested in practicing their skills in the outer environment.


Despite the design flaws of the equipment, the Diamond Atomic Package has mostly gained positive reviews from its consumers. More than 70% of the consumers have given the package a 4.6 star rating. Features such as the draw length, draw weight, fast and precise shooting have captured the heart of young archers all over the world. However, it is important to note that some are dissatisfied with the equipment’s inability to cater to the needs of adult archers.


Regardless of the number of compound bow reviews that you have read, you will not come across anything like the Diamond Atomic Package. The compatibility between the features of the equipment and the requirements of the learner is astonishing. The functionality, durability and the adjustability of the bow attract young archers towards this product. If you are looking for high-end performance and dead-on accuracy, then this compound bow is ‘The One’.