Down Alternative Pillow – Five Star – 100% Cotton Fabric Review

  • Affordability - 9.4/10
  • Customer Feedbacks - 9.4/10
  • Comfort - 9.2/10
  • Durability - 9.3/10
  • Support - 9.1/10


Made with 100% cotton cover and hypoallergenic fill, it can provide excellent support for those who sleep on their side. It is washable, which makes it effortless to have it cleaned and maintain its best quality through the years.

When it comes to having improved sleep quality, one of the things that should be given emphasis is the quality of your pillows. In the same way as care should be exercised when buying a mattress, when buying a pillow, you should also have a thorough evaluation of the options that are available. To minimize pain and to have better sleep, you should settle with only the best pillow for side sleeper.

With the abundance of the choices that are available for the best pillows for side sleepers, one of the options that should never be missed is the Five Star Down Alternative Pillow. Traditional pillows use feathers as fillings, but the problem is that such can cause allergies and may be unable to provide the support that is required by side sleepers. With such, keep on reading to know more about this pillow and if it can indeed be an excellent option for a down alternative.

100% Cotton Cover

The material that is used for the cover is pure cotton, which is known for a wide array of benefits, including being long-lasting. Even after being washed for many times, you can expect that the quality will remain superior. More so, because it is very smooth, it will be comfortable on the face.

Down Alternative Pillow 100% Cotton Fabric Review

Double Gusset Sides

Gusset simply refers to an additional material that is used to strengthen a fabric. When a pillow is gusseted, it means that more fabric has been used. In the case of Five Star Down Alternative Pillow, it has double gusset on the side, which helps in making it durable, and more importantly, for providing added firmness. Because it is firmer, it can provide unquestionable support for side sleepers.


If a pillow is washable, it will be easier for you to maintain its best quality. When it gets dirty, you can easily wash the pillow and its quality will not deteriorate overtime, regardless of how many times it has been already washed.

Hypoallergenic Fill

The filling material that is used in this product is hypoallergenic, which makes in an ideal choice for the best pillow for side sleeper. This is perfect for people who have allergic reactions with other pillow materials, specifically in the case of cotton. The fill is also firm enough and will not shift. Even if you wash it repeatedly, the filling will remain high quality.


  • Soft: Among others, one of the most common positive feedbacks about this best pillow for side sleeper is the softness of the cover, which is made from 100% cotton. In fact, some said that it is like sleeping on soft and fluffy clouds. Because of its softness, your comfort is going to be assured.
  • Long-lasting: Many pillows in the marketplace may not be able to withstand several years of use. Such, however, will not be the case with this product. From the cover to the filling, it is built to last long.
  • Provides Excellent Support: The firmness of the hypoallergenic filling is also worth commending. This makes it perfect for side sleepers as it is firm, and hence, minimizing the possibility of suffering from pain.
  • Does Not Go Flat: There are a lot of pillows that start out fluffy and firm. Over the months, however, as they are used and washed, the filling starts to deplete, and as a result, the pillow goes flat. With the Five Star Down Alternative Pillow, you can be confident that it will stay firm.
  • Superior Shift Support: If you are the kind of person who shifts and moves a lot when sleeping, this is one pillow that can prove to be best. It has high quality design that allows it to maintain optimal shape in spite of your movements.


  • Too High for Some: There are some users who complained that the pillow is a bit high. However, this is a disadvantage that can be subjective. Also, although a bit high, it reshapes based on the contour of your face, making it still comfortable.
  • Prone to Heating: While cotton is an excellent material for pillow cover because of its softness, there are some who reported that such can also be a problem as it can hold body heat.


In sum, if you are still searching for the best pillows for side sleepers, this is one option that deserves your attention. Made with 100% cotton cover and hypoallergenic fill, it can provide excellent support for those who sleep on their side. It is washable, which makes it effortless to have it cleaned and maintain its best quality through the years. It is also a good thing that it won’t go flat and it has the ability to provide unparalleled shift support, which is beneficial for those who move a lot in their sleep.