Earlex HV5500 Spray Station Review

  • Affordability - 8/10
  • Portability - 8/10
  • Power - 9/10
  • Speed - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10


For any painting job, this sprayer is sure to be a big help. It is equipped with a powerful turbine that can handle different tasks. It also comes with a needle, aside from the standard nozzle, which will be good for detailing.

Earlex HV5500 Spray Station, 650 Watt, 13' Hose
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Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional who earns from completing painting jobs, you will benefit from investing in a high-quality paint sprayer. Compared to a roller or a brush, it is going to make it easier to spread paint on the surface where it should be applied. Nonetheless, it is important to note that not all paint sprayers are the same. Their quality can differ, making it important to arrive at the right decision.

In your search for the best paint sprayer in the market, the options will be almost endless. If you have no idea which one to choose, one that can be good would be Earlex HV5500 Spray Station. To learn more about this model, keep on reading the rest of this review.

650-watt Turbine

When comparing the different options that are available for a paint sprayer, one of the things that should be looked at would be the power that it can deliver. In the case of this model, it is integrated with a turbine that can produce up to 650 watts. This is not necessarily the most powerful within the product category, but it is pretty much decent enough and can effortlessly handle a wide array of applications.
Earlex HV5500

Push-and-Click Spray Pattern

Aside from power, another important thing that should be looked at would be the versatility of the paint sprayer. For it to be versatile, one of the most important things is for you to have the option to change the paint spray pattern depending on what a specific task requires. You can do so easily with Earlex HV5500 Spray Station. It has a push and click system, allowing you to make three different adjustments in order to select the pattern that is desired.

Convenient Carrying Handle

This might not be the lightest option on the market, but it does not fall short in terms of being portable. It has a wheeled design, and more importantly, it comes with a convenient carrying handle on the top. This will make it effortless to have it transferred from one place to another.

13-foot Air Hose

The size of the hose may be a bit limited, but in the case of most work areas, this will be more than enough. With the length of 13 feet, this will provide you with the ability to freely move around where work is being done.
Earlex HV5500


  • Easy Paint Refill: In the case of most of the paint sprayers that you can find in the market, refilling paint can be a daunting task. You need to disassemble the whole system to do so. In the case of this model, however, you will be happy knowing that you can just refill it from the front.
  • User-Friendly: Even if you are a novice, you will not have any problem in the use of this model. The manufacturer provides comprehensive instructions to let you know how to optimize its functions. You do not have to suffer from complications in operating this unit.
  • Excellent For Detailing Work: Aside from the regular nozzle that you can find in this sprayer, it also comes with 2-milimetre stainless steel-tip needle, which will be perfect if you want to add more details in your work.
  • Versatile: Another good thing about this paint sprayer is the fact that it can be useful for a wide array of applications. It can work in a variety of materials, and more importantly, it can also be used in different patterns. Changing the patterns will also be effortless on your end.


  • Turbine Creates a Loud Noise: Any equipment that produces loud noise when operating can be a distraction. It can affect your concertation and can also add up to the fatigue that you are feeling. There are many people who complained that in this model, the turbine produces an annoying noise.
  • Hard to Deal with Hose: There are also some people who complained about the quality of the hose. It is going to be difficult to have it uncurled. In fact, there is even a user who compared it to a live snake.


With Earlex HV5500 Spray Station, you will enjoy a dependable product that can be perfect for a wide array of applications. Regardless of the work that needs to be done, this paint sprayer will be able to do it without difficulty. It is also flexible, especially as you can choose to change the pattern as desired. It is also impressive even for detailing work because of the needles that are included. For portability, it might not be lightweight, but the carrying handle will make it easy for you to have it moved around.