EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower Review

  • Affordability - 8/10
  • Cutting Width - 8/10
  • Convenience - 9/10
  • Power - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
Your search for the best lawn mower is surely not going to be an easy feat. Confronted with too many choices, you will end up being overwhelmed, which will make it more challenging for you to reach a decision. Making a choice, however, should not be done in haste. You need to evaluate different products and compare them with each other. If there is one option that we can suggest, it would be EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower. Keep on reading and we will have a quick look at some of its most notable features, including the pros and cons that you can expect from this product.

Powerful Performance, Reliable Battery

One of the best things about EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower is the fact that it is comparable to the power that you can expect from its gas-powered counterparts. The reliability of this model is primarily because of its 56-Volt Arc Lithium Ion battery. This will provide almost an hour of power to the unit. The best thing is that when it is drained, it will take only half an hour before it is going to be fully-charged. The battery has a weight of 3 pounds, which can be an added weight to the product, but not too much.
EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower Review

5-Height Positions

This is a lawn mower that can prove to be excellent when it comes to versatility. One of the reasons for the latter is the fact that the cutting height can be modified in five different positions. You can adjust it from 1.2 to 3.5 inches, depending on what is required for the task. It is also worth noting that making the necessary adjustments will definitely be a snap to accomplish.

3-in-1 Discharge System

Another reason why EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower is being ranked by many as excellent when it comes to versatility is because it comes with three different options for discharging grass clippings. You can choose side discharge, which means that the clippings will just be discharged on the side as the grass is trimmed. You can also just choose to bag it off. The unit comes with a 15-gallon bag, making it accommodate a lot of grass. Lastly, you can also choose to mulch if you plan to turn the grass into compost.
EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower Review


  • Space-Saving Design: One of the best things about this model is that it can be folded. This will make it easy to have it transported. It will also be space-efficient when it is kept in the storage room as it has a compact body once it is already folded.
  • Push Button Start: There is no need for you to go through the hassle of having to pull a cord before the unit will start. With this model, it will be quickly launched as soon as you press the required button.
  • Easy to Maintain: For such a powerful equipment, it is a good thing that the maintenance will be a breeze. The manufacturer provides instructions on how it can be properly maintained and it will surely be a snap to follow. This will provide you with the confidence that it will remain superior even with prolonged use.
  • Battery Charges Quickly: The battery of EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower is powerful, yet it does not take forever to have it recharged. In fact, it will take only 30 minutes before the battery can be full.


  • Overheating of Batteries: There are some users who complained that they experience the overheating of the battery even when it is just used within the prescribed duration. This requires the need to temporarily stop the unit from functioning and allow it to cool down to prevent the battery from being extremely hot.
  • Expensive Price: If there is one reason why many people are hesitant towards the idea of choosing this model, it would be its expensive price. It is one of the most expensive products that you can see on the market. However, if you take a look beyond price and consider its functionality, you will find it easier to be convinced that this can indeed be an excellent pick.


If money is not an issue, this is surely an option that you will be impressed with. EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower may be expensive, but when you take a look at its features and specifications, you will realize that every dollar spent will be worth it. It comes with a powerful battery that is quick to recharge. It has foldable handle and compact design. It operates quietly and starts easily. It is made with the use of durable components and it requires minimal maintenance. The combination of these things definitely makes it an unrivalled choice within the product category.