Exerpeutic 1000XI Review

  • Cost - 8/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Weight Capacity - 8/10
  • Features - 9/10


These workouts, coupled with the consumption of balanced diets, will surely keep the body healthy. Then the model Exerpeutic 1000XI should be taken into consideration.

Regular workouts are needed to be done by people in order to be healthy. These workouts, coupled with the consumption of balanced diets, will surely keep the body healthy. In that case, exercise machines have been invented, manufactured, distributed, and sold by different manufacturing firms in order to assist people with doing their workouts. One such example of a machine is an elliptical trainer. With an elliptical trainer, a full body workout is being offered. If you are also thinking about purchasing an elliptical machine for your own use, then, you should identify which model you should be getting. The model Exerpeutic 1000XI should be taken into consideration. To help you reach a decision with your purchase, you should read on for you to know the features offered by this machine as well as its pros and cons.

8 Level Tension Resistance

The model is featuring 8-level tension resistance. These levels correspond to how challenging you want your workout to be. The higher levels that you will be setting on the machine, the more challenging your workouts will become. Typically, the adjustments can be easily done so if you want to conveniently set the level of difficulty for your workouts every single day, this product is certainly the right one for you.

8 Level Tension Resistance

LCD Display

The LCD Display is also a feature that is normally seen in any model of elliptical trainer. On this model, though, the screen is large and wide. In that case, you will surely be seeing the information that will be displayed on the screen in a clear manner. You will not experience any difficulties in making out what things are written on the screen. Some of the information that may be shown on the screen are calories burned, distance, speed, time, and scan, among others.

Target Zone Monitoring

Target Zone Monitoring is also a feature that this specific model of machine has. With this feature, you may be finding pulse pads that are located on the stationary handle bars. These pulse pads are the ones responsible for monitoring your heart rate. In that case, the results for such monitoring activity will be displayed on the screen. You can then use such information in keeping track of how you have advanced with your workouts.

Target Zone Monitoring

Natural Elliptical Motion

The machine has been designed to follow the natural elliptical motion. Since such natural motion is being followed, bouncy movements that might be experienced from other equipment can be minimized if you will be using this specific model.


The manufacturer of this model is offering a warranty for their product. The warranty will last for three years. This warranty is a form of guarantee to the part of the buyer that they will be receiving a quality item that they can use for a specific purpose.

Transportation Wheels

The transportation wheels can be found at the front and back portions of the elliptical trainer. With these transportation wheels, relocating the product will be very easy and convenient. You can easily relocate it to any room in the house that you like.


  • Smooth and Silent Operation – The V-belt drive and the flywheel has been balanced precisely. This precision balance is providing a smooth and quiet operation for the machine. In that case, other individuals will not be disturbed when you will be working out on the machine. With that said, this model would be suitable for home and office use.
  • Higher Weight Capacity –  You will be able to take advantage of the higher weight capacity that could be accommodated by this model. Such maximum weight capacity is up to 300 pounds. In this case, any individual who weighs less than 300 pounds will surely be able to utilize this unit.
  • Safety – The safety of the user is ensured by the manufacturer by designing larger pedals that have ribbed surfaces. In this manner, you can avoid accidental slipping when you are working out with the use of  the machine.


  • Short Stride Length – The length of the stride may be shorter for those people who are above 5’6 in height. This may not be suitable for such tall individuals as it will be uncomfortable for them to maneuver shorter lengths of strides.


Surely, you have read the different features which are incorporated in the machine. It is your decision whether these features are useful to you or not and if they are the ones that you want. You were also able to check on the pros and the cons of making use of this model so you should be able to determine whether you will be purchasing this specific model or not. Ultimately, you should make sure that you will have enough budget in order to fund your purchase.