The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is sure to add personality to you and your home-office – alleviate back pain, and restructure a healthier, more well-postured you!

With a weight capacity of up to 300lbs, ergonomic design with a genuine medicine (Yoga) ball, and a solid warranty to demonstrate the company stands behind its product. This is a great option for enhancing your office or academic experience while at the computer desk.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is both popular and practical, as it lends its technology and purpose directly from Yoga exercises and equipment. It is indeed factual that a medicine ball (commonly used in Yoga and other exercises) focuses on your body training itself.  Not only strengthening your core (your abdominal muscles) but also to strengthen, learn, and gain new muscular stamina and power in your back, shoulder, neck, and overall within your spine.

The medicine ball makes up the majority of the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, so you are constantly conditioning your body, back, and mind to utilize a more healthy posture, and an enhanced total sense of balance.

Features and Value

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review
The removable 52-centimeter medicine ball is a delight and unique feature that can’t be found in the average office chair. Thanks to this feature, it’s much more practical for consumers to prepare regularly, practice, and condition both their body and mind on how to balance on a medicine ball.

This chair, in particular, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair model, was created by a well-reputed Chiropractor, Dr. Randy Weinzoff. And who better to design an ergonomic, good for your health, balance ball chair than a practitioner in the field of chiropractic’s himself?


The back of the chair, on average, is approximately 2.5 feet in height. The chair, although accommodating up to 300lbs, is not designed for someone taller than 5′-5’11”. This is not to say that such a chair cannot be modified, or that there’s not a similar version or model available. But rather that this chair, in particular, is not designed for taller individuals—and in turn would make it difficult to reach or comfortably use your computer or reading at your office desk if you’re above this height cut-off.

Easy Assembly

Consumers are a big fan of this medicine ball chair in particular.  Assembly is quite simple and completed with minimal parts, screws, and effort. In fact, the two primary challenges for installation and arguably the most significant moving parts. The wheels, and the rear and front locking back casters associated with the back support mechanism.

Lightweight and Portable

At only 13lbs it’s easy to unpack and install the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. In fact, at dimensions of only 21 x 31 x 22 this medicine ball is quite mobile and not a hassle to reposition, move, or take on the go to your new home or apartment.

Air Pump Included

Coming with an air-pump, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is nearly fit-to-assemble, requires minimal directions, durable, reliable, and safe. Most of all, it’s comfortable. Consumers have reported extensively on this product with positive feedback, indicating that it not only strengthened and relieved neck, back, and knee pain; but that it also supported and helped grow those muscles and do away with many common back or neck pain associated with prolonged periods of working at a computer or office-desk.


While it doesn’t necessarily force you to have perfect posture, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair encourages a straighter, more responsible upward posture. Even making it simple to remember not to ‘hunch’ over, or roll your shoulders, head, and neck too close—or in an imbalanced fashion.
The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair


Being designed by a professional chiropractor means that your back and comfort are in the best of hands. Its lightweight design also adds to the functionality by allowing the user to move it around with greater ease.


Perhaps the only “downfalls” per say about the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is that the front wheels might tend to hit accidentally, or run over your feet when “dismounting,” so be mindful. Lastly, it does commonly take between one to two weeks of “adjustment” (slight discomfort or pain) to become acclimated to sitting in a chair like this—especially for extended periods of time from work or studies for example.

Is the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair right for YOU?

Are you interested in finding new ways to care better for your neck, back (spine), knees, or head? Then consider giving the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair a SHOT!

Given adequate, responsible, and professional research by Dr. Randy Weinzoff, you can rest assured that the ergonomic, dynamic, and back-friendly design of this medicine ball chair is sure to please your body—and mind!

Just as Yoga and other mind and body strengthening exercises are based on the rejuvenation and growth of your mind and body through treating it better—thus is the purpose and fashion of this medicine ball chair!