Genesis Original Bow Review

  • Design - 9/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Durability - 8.5/10


In conclusion, the Genesis Original bow is definitely one of the better compound bows for sale. It is ideally suited to those who are just beginning to learn about archery.

Genesis Original Bow - RH Camo
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The Genesis Original Bow has created quite a name for itself. It is actually the official bow recommended by the National Archery in Schools Program. Archery is becoming widespread due to the increase in its presence in pop culture. Now, children are more interested in learning the skills and nuances of the sport. What better way to do so than use a bow that has already been tried and tested? If you are not sure about this bow living up to expectations, read this review. You will discover just why the Genesis Original bow is one of the best compound bows for sale.


One of the Genesis Original’s claim to fame is that it can essentially be used by individuals of all sizes and abilities. This is a great option if you do not want to waste money on buying more than one bow for the same family. It may seem incredible, but it is definitely one of the Genesis Original’s crowning glories. The draw length on this bow is between fifteen inches and thirty inches. This means both children and adults alike will have no problem pulling back the string. In addition, you will not have to measure or figure out draw lengths when buying this bow.

The same goes for the draw weight. The draw weight is estimated between ten pounds and thirty pounds. Once again, the range of the draw weight means that those who are a little weak can use it as well as those with greater upper body strength. Many bows claim that they can be used by various individuals but the Genesis Original is a bow that actually lives up to its promises.
Genesis Original Bow Review

No Let-Off

A feature that is quite unique to the Genesis series is that it has no let-off. There is a constant pressure throughout the entire draw. Once the string rolls over the cams, the draw weight will appear perpetual through the rest of the draw. There will be no lag in the length of the draw. The fact that there is no let-off increases the opportunity for the archer to hit their target more accurately.

The no let-off is advantageous to the beginners who are using the bow. There will be no lag in their draw, making their shot more precise. It will also be easier to use for someone who does not have a lot of experience with handling a bow.

Good Beginner Bow

This point is certainly one that is worth reiterating. This is definitely the bow that you want to get a young one who is starting out. First, it can be used from the moment that you buy it. You simply take it out of the box and you are good to go. Secondly, it has been created to minimize any lag or friction that other bows are known for. This will let children get used to motion of pulling back the string with greater ease. In addition to all of these features, the low draw weight also means that there is less likely to be an injury when this bow is being used. Archery is far from the safest sport and it is always good to have some safety measures in place.

Strictly for Novices

One of the Genesis Original’s best features are also one of its drawbacks. This is that is largely and essentially restricted to those starting out in archery. This is not a bow that accommodates the shifting skill in an improving archer. It will certainly help you get started but will not help you much further than that. This is, in particular, not a bow that can be used for hunting. It packs a decent punch but not something that can be used professionally.


  • Ideal for beginners: the many features of the Genesis Original bow makes it perfect for those who are just starting out in the sport.
  • Adjustable: the draw length as well as the draw weight can be adjusted to children as well as adults. The bow can be used interchangeable with ease.
  • No let-off: the draw of the bow is much smoother and steadier than other bows.


  • Limited uses: the bow cannot be used for hunting and other recreational activities. It is best for archery learners.


Eighty one percent of the people that purchased this bow believe that it deserves an excellent rating. Overall, it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. This is very impressive, meaning that the majority of users felt that this bow was exceptionally good. In fact, only five percent of users felt that this bow performed average or at a function below that.


In conclusion, the Genesis Original bow is definitely one of the better compound bows for sale. It is ideally suited to those who are just beginning to learn about archery. It comes equipped with multiple features that allows it to succeed in this particular field. Its other notable attribute is that one bow can be used by children, adults, and others in between. Due to its varying draw lengths and draw weights, people of different weights and heights can use the bow with successful results. One of the disadvantages of the bow is that it is not much use apart from learning the art of archery. Nonetheless, its dependability and quality make it a tough act to follow.