Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller Review

  • Weight - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Wheels - 8/10
  • Overall Design - 8/10


The Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller is the perfect choice for budget-conscious parents who are looking for an umbrella stroller with decent quality.

For a long time now, Graco has been one of the most reputable brands in the market for the best umbrella strollers. It has an extensive line of models, and one that you can take into consideration is Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller. It is most known for being lightweight, but is such enough for you to choose it above all others? Keep on reading and learn more about its features, which will make it easier for you to decide if this is going to make an excellent purchase.

Click Connect Technology

In order to set itself apart from other brands within the competition, they introduce a wide array of technologies that can be exclusively found in their products. In the case of this model, there is Click Connect Technology, which is found in other strollers from Graco as well. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for creating a one-step system to easily attach the stroller to an infant car seat. Once you hear an audible sound, this is an indication that the car seat is already secured in its place. In line with this, it is also important to note that it is compatible with a wide array of Graco car seats.

Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller

Portability as an Asset

There are many things that can be considered as assets of this stroller, providing you with good reasons to have it chosen above other models. One thing that can convince you to have it chosen above others is the fact that it is lightweight. Weighing less than 20 pounds, you can expect nothing but the best when it comes to portability. For parents on-the-go or those who need a stroller when they frequently travel, this will be an excellent alternative. It may not be the lightest within the product category, but it is definitely highly portable.

Padded & Adjustable Seat for Maximum Comfort

What’s the point in having a stroller if your child will not feel comfortable in it? Therefore, when trying to evaluate the choices for the best umbrella stroller, do not forget to take into account the different features that will have an influence on the comfort of your baby, specifically the seat. In the case of the Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller, it has a padded seat that will provide optimal comfort in the absence of making the baby feel hot. In addition, it also comes with a multi-recline seat. You can have it positioned based on what is most comfortable for your baby.

Graco Literider Connect Stroller

Equipped with Features for your Baby’s Safety

In the same way as comfort is important, safety is also a paramount consideration. The Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller is made from carefully chosen materials that are known for being superior in terms of quality. It has a 3-point harness system to keep your child in a secured position while riding the stroller. Safety is also demonstrated through its wheels. The latter comes with a lockable front swivel wheels, which also has exceptional suspension, guaranteeing the smoothest ride even if you are using it on uneven surfaces.

Price that Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Without a doubt, many people who are looking for the best infant stroller will consider price as an influential factor in the decision that will be made. The Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller is going to be a good choice if you want an affordable stroller. In fact, this is one of the cheapest that you can find in the market today.

Graco Literider Stroller


  • Can be easily folded with the use of just one hand
  • Designed with a removable child tray
  • Drop down basket with plenty of storage space
  • Seat can be reclined up to 75 degrees
  • Compatible with Graco Click Connect infant car seats


  • While there is a child tray, space is limited
  • Non-convertible harness system that cannot accommodate changing needs of babies

Consumer Review


The Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller is the perfect choice for budget-conscious parents who are looking for an umbrella stroller with decent quality. It may not be as advanced as the models from the higher end of the market, but it does not fail in terms of features that can help ensure the safety and comfort of babies, as well as the convenience of parents.