GreenWorks 27072 Corded Tiller Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Comfort - 10/10
  • Design - 10/10


This garden tiller comes with an 8-amp motor. For versatility, the tilling depth and width can be adjusted. To make it user-friendly, there is an Instant Start feature. It also has folding handles for space efficiency.


If you have a garden and you intend to plant, tilling is one thing that is necessary. This will refresh the soil and will make it ready. You can do this manually, but this will be a lot of work on your end. It will require time and effort. With this, it will be good to have the best garden tiller, which will help to make your life easier in more ways than one. However, not just any tiller would suffice. You need to find one that is powerful, comfortable, and user-friendly.

Having a hard time choosing? In this review, we will look at GreenWorks 27072 Corded Tiller, as well as some of its notable features. In many of the best gardening tiller reviews found online, this is one product that is frequently mentioned. As early as now, let me tell you one thing – it deserves the attention it gets. Keep on reading and learn more why this can be an impressive choice.

8-Amp Motor

Given the technical specification of the motor, it is easy to tell that it is not the most powerful option in the market. Nonetheless, for most basic tasks, this should be more than enough. As long as you limit it use to small jobs, you will never be disappointed with the power that it can deliver.

Adjustable Tilling Depth and Width

This is one thing that makes it unique compared to most of its competitors in the market. This is because you can customize its tilling performance depending on what is needed for a specific task. The tilling width can be easily adjusted from 8.25 to 10 inches. On the other hand, you can adjust the tilling depth to a maximum of 5 inches.

8-Inch Forward Rotating Tines

The diameter is quite big considering the size of the unit. This is actually a good thing. In case you do not know, the tines are the spikes that look like wheels. They are the ones that dig on the ground as you move the tiller. In this model, the tines are durable, allowing it to withstand pressure and long-term use.


  • Convenient Design: There are many design elements that contribute to making this as user-friendly as possible. For sure, even if you have to till for hours in a large area, you will not complain of discomfort.
  • Well-Designed Wheels: Some people complain that the unit is heavy. To make it easy to use in spite of its weight, it comes with an integrated wheel that has an impressive design. You can maneuver it in a manner that is almost effortless.
  • Durable Tins: In the case of tillers with inferior quality, you will notice that the tines break easily. This is because they are made from flimsy material. In this model, on the other hand, it has an exceptional strength, which is why it can deliver optimal functionality even after several years of use.
  • Space-Efficient: This product may be heavy, but it is not bulky. It has a sleek profile that will make it easy to store when not used. This is even made better by the fact that there is a foldable handle to significantly reduce its size.
  • Easy to Start: You might also love the fact that it is easy to use. There is no need to pull a cord to start the motor. There is Instant Start, which makes it convenient. This also means that your tilling equipment will be ready in a snap.


  • Corded Design: This is one of the drawbacks of choosing this model. This is an electric corded tiller, which means that it needs to be plugged in a nearby power source. This, along with the length of the cord, will most probably limit your movements.
  • A Bit Heavy: Considering the motor and the power of the unit, it is quite surprising that it is heavy. This may require a bit more effort on your end, but this should not be too much of a concern since overall, it has an ergonomic design.


As you search for the best garden tiller, this is one product that deserves your attention. GreenWorks 27072 Corded Tiller has an 8-amp motor that is more than enough for basic tasks. It also offers versatility as you can adjust the tilling depth and width. To make it deliver outstanding performance, it has durable tines that can be functional for many years. It also has Instant Start for ease of use. To make it space-efficient, meanwhile, it has folding handles and a slim frame, although weight is quite on the heavy side.