Hamilton Beach 33969A Slow Cooker Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Capacity - 8/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Versatility - 9/10
  • Cooking Pot - 8/10


This slow cooker comes with a 6-quart removable stoneware, oversized handles, temperature probe, and three cooking modes. It also has a travel-friendly design and a lockable lid.


With the best slow cooker, you will be able to do more in the kitchen while exerting minimal effort. You can experiment with different dishes using unique recipes that are impossible to be prepared without the right equipment. Stews and soups are amongst the most popular. You will utilize a method of cooking wherein your patience will be rewarded. You might need to wait for hours, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

In the rest of this post, we will tackle more about Hamilton Beach 33969A Slow Cooker. In several best slow cooker reviews in the past, it has been given words of praises, which is a proof that it is indeed impressive. Keep on reading to know more about the notable features that you can expect from this product, as well as it benefits and drawbacks.

Thermometer Probe

This is one feature that gives it a distinct advantage above its competition. This provides accurate and real-time reading of the temperature as you cook. This will make it easy for you to monitor progress of slow cooking and will achieve consistent results.

6-quart Stoneware Crock

The pot that is included in this slow cooker comes with a generous capacity. This will make it perfect even for larger cuts of meat. As indicated by the manufacturer, it can hold up to 4-pound roast or 6-pound chicken. It is also removable and can double as the serving tray of what you have just cooked.

Power Interrupt Protection

You’ll never know what can happen while you are cooking. In unfortunate situations, there can be a power outage. In this case, with this feature, the unit will continue working briefly to make sure that cooking will not be disrupted, and hence, the outcomes will not be affected.

Three Cooking Modes

Versatility is one thing that you will love about this product. The latter is basically because you will have three options on how it can be used. You can choose the Probe Mode if you will cook meat that needs to reach a certain temperature. There are also program and manual settings.


  • Affordable Price: One of the things to love in this slow cooker is its practical price. Even if you compare with the prices of other models, you will like how you won’t have to spend a fortune just to enjoy a product with commendable quality.
  • Excellent Build Quality: Overall, many were also impressed with the way it is built. Although the pot may not be as strong as what you can find from leading competitors, the exterior is built to be tough. Even after several years, provided that proper care is given, you can expect that it will remain functional.
  • Large Capacity: The large size of the pot is also a good reason to have it considered above all others. It has a capacity of 6 quarts. In one batch, you can cook food that is good for up to seven people.
  • Well-Designed Handles: Another good feature of this slow cooker is the design of the handles. They are large and easy to grip. Even if the pot is heavy, the handles will make it easy to lift the appliance when needed.
  • Traps Moisture: If you want the dish to be more flavorful, it is important to make sure that moisture will be trapped inside. This model comes with a lockable lid, which will keep the moisture inside. This will also prevent the handles from being wet because of the moisture.


  • Pot Can Be Prone to Easy Breakage: While there are some who might like the use of ceramic as the main material for the pot, it can also be a problem. Ceramic is a sensitive material. Once it hits hard areas, it can break, unlike in the case of those that are made from more durable materials.
  • A Bit Complicated to Use: If you want a slow cooker that is user-friendly, you might not like this product. The control panel has several buttons and having it programmed may require more effort compared to what you could with other models.


In sum, Hamilton Beach 33969A will make a good choice for the best slow cooker. From the features mentioned above and from the best slow cooker reviews that you can find online, it is obvious that this model is a great pick. From versatility to its ability to make flavorful dishes, you will have countless reasons to love this model above many others within the competitive landscape.