Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer Review

  • Affordability - 10/10
  • Versatility - 9/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Capacity - 8/10
  • Ease of Use - 10/10


With a 290-watt motor and bowl with 4-quart capacity, this is one of the top choices if you are looking for a budget-friendly stand mixer.


When speaking about the tools that you should have in the kitchen, a stand mixer is necessary. This can be used in more ways than one, making it offer the best value for the money. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will love how it can be functional. However, you should keep in mind that not all models are created the same. There is a need to exert conscious effort in differentiating the possibilities.

Among others, one option that you might want to take into consideration is Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer. For many people, the mere fact that it is made by Hamilton Beach is already enough to believe that this is one of the top alternatives for the best stand mixer. With this, keep on reading the rest of this review and we’ll let you known some of its notable features, as well as a few of its pros and cons.

4-Quart Bowl Capacity

This is not the most generous when it comes to capacity, but this is actually one thing that gives it a distinct advantage above the competition. This is the right choice for casual users and for beginners. More so, because of its size, it will also be good if you have a small kitchen.

6-Speed Settings

With the use of this stand mixer, you will have complete control on how it works. There is, however, little noticeable difference from one setting to another. One more thing that you might love is the Burst function. The latter basically provides a more powerful speed when it is needed, although this can be done only in two minutes.

Bowl Rest Stabilizer

This is another feature that you might find impressive about this product. This is especially beneficial when it is used as a stand mixer. You can be sure that the bowl will stay in place, unlike in the case of others that can be wobbly.

290 Watts of Peak Power

While there are many other options that can prove to be more powerful, at its price point, this model can be an excellent alternative. This power is more than enough for most basic tasks. For heavy-duty jobs, on the other hand, this may demonstrate a dismal performance.


  • Sleek Profile: One of the best things about this stand mixer is that it is compact and lightweight. Even if you have a small space in the kitchen, this is an excellent product to have.
  • Affordable Price: For budget-friendly alternatives, this is one option that should be on the top of your list. This proves that even without having to spend too much, you can enjoy a product that can deliver exceptional quality.
  • Durable Construction: The bowl is made from stainless steel. Although the capacity is limited, you can be assured that it is going to withstand many years of use. Given its affordable price, it is exceptional because of its ability to remain at its best even through the years.
  • User-Friendly: Even if you are a beginner, you will love this model. The manufacturer provides clear directions on how it can be used. The buttons are strategically-located. Even when changing the attachments, you do not have to exert too much effort.
  • Versatile: It should also be noted that it can be used not only as a stand mixer, but also as a hand mixer. When used as the latter, the Bowl Rest feature can prove to be helpful to make the task more convenient for you.
  • Variable Speed Control: This is another reason why this stand mixer is excellent when it comes to versatility. It is a good thing that there are six speeds available. There is also a Burst option.


  • Short Length of the Beater: One of the design flaws of this model can be apparent from the beater. It is short and cannot reach the bottom of the beater. Because of this, it can be limited in terms of its ability to mix the ingredients in the bowl.
  • Only for Light Tasks: If you are thinking of buying this model, keep in mind that this is meant only for small tasks in the kitchen. The motor is not designed for heavy-duty applications. It may even be on a struggle when dealing with tough ingredients.


In sum, Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer is one of the best picks that you might want to consider within the product category. It has a sleek profile, making it perfect for smaller homes. It should be noted, however, that it is built to perform only for small to medium-duty tasks. It has a 290-watt motor, which will be more than enough for the best stand mixer for basic usage.