Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo, Walnut Stock Review

  • Maintenance - 9/10
  • Design - 8.5/10
  • Accuracy - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.7/10


This is the best air rifle that you will ever find within such a price range. Once you purchase this air rifle.

Hatsan Model 95 Combo .22 Rifle, Walnut Stock
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Any shooter who has touched the Hatsan 95 knows that it is champion of all spring piston air rifles. The air gun is known to produce good first impressions among online consumers – especially due to its external appeal.

However, this air rifle is not just a pretty face. It includes a number of beneficial features for the shooter too. Before you purchase a product, you need to know its features, advantages and, limitations. Then only can you decide whether it is the best air rifle in the market or not. Read the information given below to know whether this rifle is ‘The One’.

Walnut Stock

The walnut stock of the Hatsan 95 will make you fall in love with the air rifle at very first sight. Although air guns all around the world contain walnut stocks, this particular Turkish walnut stock has no replacement. The stock is made out of walnut trees that are more than 3 centuries old. The stock is hard in grain and bright in color. It is durable, rigid, and long-lasting. The external beauty of this rifle is an instant head-turner which makes the gun a fine inclusion to your collection. Although you might have a number of other air rifles, the Turkish walnut stock makes this one standout.
Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo, Walnut Stock Review

Accurate Scope

The Hatsan 95 contains a fiber optic sight as well as a 3-9×32 Optima scope. Although the former is sufficient to achieve a high level of accuracy, the latter option can increase the accuracy for each and every shot. The 3-9 magnification range of the scope enables you to enlarge the image up to 3-9 times than the real size. This power scope not only enables you to shoot with precision, but it boosts your confidence when it comes to long-range shooting (up to 50 yards).

No Noise

One of the most favored features of this rifle is the fact that it does not produce too much noise. Among its hundreds of customer reviews, the Hatsan 95 has received not a single noise complaint. This not only makes hunting a peaceful and successful sport, but it allows you to shoot in a densely populated area without drawing attention or causing a disturbance.


The rifle can be used for shooting, plinking, pest control as well as small game hunting. Regardless of what you use it for, the Hatsan 95 will require very little care and maintenance. There is no need for regular maintenance since you just need to oil the rifle for every 250 shots. Moreover, if you clean the barrel with a rod after every 500 shots, your gun will look brand new.


  • Visual Interest: The biggest advantage of the rifle is its external beauty. The Turkish walnut stock and the shinning German steel barrel are beautifully crafted to create the perfect air rifle. Even if you are not a regular shooter, do not forget that this prized possession will look good on a wall too.
  • Comfy Trigger: Unlike most guns in the market, the Hatsan 95 trigger is not awkward or uncomfortable. It is not only a limited edition from Hatsan, but it is highly flexible too. Through the ‘trigger travel’ and ‘trigger pull’, you can adjust the trigger to fit your personal needs.
  • Enhanced Safety: Due to the inclusion of a drop safety interlock, you need not worry about accidental firing. So, even if the gun is dropped or misused by an inexperienced individual, it will not fire.


  • A bit too Heavy: Although the rifle will fit the hands and shoulders of mature adult and an experienced shooter, it will not feel the same for a newbie. Some customers have stated that the rifle is too heavy for those below the height of 5’2”. Thus, the rifle is limited to those who do not lack height. This makes the product inflexible since not every shooting enthusiast can equally enjoy its benefits.


If you take a look at the customer reviews on popular online sites, you will notice that most of the consumers have given the Hatsan 95 a 5 star rating. Most of the positive reviews rave about the rifle’s cost-effectiveness and external appeal. Of course, the product has received some negative reviews as well. Some customers have questioned the cleanliness of the barrel and stated their dissatisfaction with the scope. These are just minor issues considering the fact that the barrel can be cleaned while the scope can be replaced with a more complicated one.


While the stunning beauty of the Turkish walnut stock has contributed to the demand of this air gun, the rifle’s popularity is not just due to its physical appearance. The hair-splitting accuracy, optimal sight, crisp trigger and the incomparable power make the Hatsan 95 seem like a winner too. Although you can find better air rifles than this one, this is the best air rifle that you will ever find within such a price range. Once you purchase this air rifle, you do not have to buy another gun to be able to shoot like a pro.