IronEase Pro Ironing Board Review

  • Size - 6/10
  • Weight - 7/10
  • Storage - 6/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Durability - 8/10


The ironing board is an essential household item that you should get. Whether you are living alone or you have a family of four, the ironing board is a vital household item you should purchase as soon as possible. The ironing board will make ironing your clothes easier.

You do not want to go to work with a suit filled with fold lines and creases, after all. If you want to effectively iron your clothes, then the best option you have is to buy the IronEase Pro ironing board. There are lots of benefits that you should be able to enjoy once you get this particular ironing board. If you want to know what features you can enjoy with it, then you better read on.

Unique ShoulderWing System

One of the distinguishing features that come with the IronEase Pro ironing board is its ShoulderWing ystem. It is a unique patented feature that will allow you to iron clothes on a wider surface. The ShoulderWing system, since it is a unique patented feature, is not a feature that you will see in other ironing boards. It is a feature you will only find in IronEase Pro and nowhere else. With its unique ShoulderWing system, you can expect this ironing board to make it easier for you to iron the shirt sleeves. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a wider surface for your ironing board, the IronEase Pro is your best choice.

Wider Surface

The IronEase Pro ironing board boasts of a wider surface compared to other models, even if you do not include the surface area for its ShoulderWing system. The measurement for its surface, both in the length and width measurement, are all categorized in the XL size. With the extra large surface, it should be possible for you to iron large clothing like tablecloths and bed linens. You have an extra large board with extra large tray, measuring 19.2 inches in width and 62.6 inches in length over all. The said measurement already includes the iron rest.

Iron Rest

The iron rest is another feature that you can benefit from when it comes to this particular ironing board. The iron rest is the part of the IronEase Pro ironing board which is tray-like in structure and nests the iron. The IronEase Pro ironing board’s iron tray is heat-resistant. Even if you place a steam generator iron in it, everything should be okay. Moreover, it has a lock-in built-in hanging rail that allows you to hang freshly ironed clothes immediately.

High-Quality Board Cover

It is also a known fact that the IronEase Pro ironing board has a high-quality board cover. The cover is made of 100% cotton with foam so it is very effective in absorbing and dissipating heat. The cover also promotes a creaseless cover, which makes your ironing a breeze. The board cover is multi-layered and it also has a cold-steel mesh surface specifically designed for ironing. The said features are what prevents scorching and burning on the board cover, making the entire IronEase Pro ironing board useful for a long period of time.

Lock System

There is also a lock system put in place for the said IronEase Pro ironing board. The said lock system is what increases the child safety factor of this particular ironing board. With its uniquely designed child lock system, the ironing board will prevent collapsing or injuries whenever the children are around, making you feel at ease as the parent. The said child lock system is also what promotes easy transportation for the ironing board.


  • Safe to Use: The child lock system will prevent the said ironing board from collapsing unexpectedly, especially when there are children around.
  • Less Hassle in Ironing: You have an iron tray to nest your iron, a hanger rail to hang your clothes and a wider surface to iron clothes.
  • Useful for a Wide Array of Clothes: Ironing small items like handkerchief as well as large items like bed linen is possible with the IronEase Pro ironing board.
  • Easy on the Sleeves: The ShoulderWing system patented by the IronEase Pro ironing board makes it a piece of cake for you to iron shirt sleeves.


  • Big Size: The big size of the said ironing board may not be good for small people.
  • Heavy Weight: The ironing board weighs 19.8, which can be quite heavy for some people.


The IronEase Pro ironing board is a good choice when it comes to the ironing board you can have for the home. Not only will you be able to quickly iron your clothes – and a lot of them at that – the ironing quality is also spectacular. You can expect this ironing board to help you deliver high quality ironing. Storage is also not a problem for this particular ironing board since it has a feature that ensures easy storage. All the features that come with the IronEase Pro ironing board should not be overlooked since you can definitely benefit from each one of them.