Ivation Electric Pressure Washer Review

  • Affordability - 9.6/10
  • Performance - 10/10
  • Durability - 9.3/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.3/10
  • Design - 9.5/10


This 1,600-watt electric pressure washer can deliver 2,200 PSI, making it perfect for residential use. It has five interchangeable nozzles, plus a bonus Turbo Wand that you can use for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.


With the best electric pressure washer, there are many cleaning applications that can be accomplished in a snap. From removing carbon deposits in a grill to getting rid of dirt stuck on the driveway, it can serve multiple purposes, making it a great investment. However, it should be pointed out that not all products are created the same. They will differ in terms of performance, ease of use, and durability, among other factors. If you want the best bang for the buck, you should exert effort to differentiate the possibilities.

While there are many options that you might want to consider, Ivation Electric Pressure Washer is one of the best. In several best electric pressure washer reviews, it has been given words of praises, which can make you confident about its performance. In the rest of this review, we will have a look at some of its most notable features, as well as a few of its pros and cons. We hope that this will help you to come up with a well-informed decision.

1,600-watt Motor

This may not be the most powerful motor that you can find within the product category, but for most residential applications, this will be more than enough. Aside from the motor, it also has 2,200 PSI, which is quite higher compared to what you can find from other options within the same price range.

5 Interchangeable Nozzles

To provide the best bang for the buck, it is also a good thing that it is inclusive of five quick-connect nozzles. Changing from one nozzle to another can be accomplished easily, which is why it is rated high in terms of being user-friendly. With this feature, you can use the electric pressure washer for various cleaning applications.

Turbo Spray Wand

This is a bonus accessory aside from the standard attachments that you will usually find in an electric pressure washer. The latter will prove to be excellent in terms of cleaning areas that are hard to reach. This will provide you with the assurance that no portion will be left uncleaned. Even if you have to clean under the vehicle, such is possible with the use of this wand.


  • Durable Hose Adapter: Many of the electric pressure washers may have hose adapter that is made from plastic. This is flimsy and can make the unit prone to leaking. Since the adapter is made from high-quality brass, you can expect that it will be more reliable.
  • Automatic Shut Off: It is also a good thing that the unit will turn off on its own once the trigger is disengaged. This can be an excellent way to save electricity. To add, this will also make the pump longer lasting.
  • Onboard Storage: This is a good feature because this will make sure that you will have easy access to the things that you will need when cleaning. You do not need to keep the accessories in a separate box. You can reach them easily when they are needed.
  • Easy Setup: The assembly of this unit is one thing that you can accomplish in a snap. There will be no complications. In fact, as noted by the manufacturer, it can be setup within only 30 seconds.
  • Powerful Cleaning Capability: This can be attributed to the high PSI of the unit. This will allow it to tackle even the toughest dirt on the surface. You do not have to exert too much effort. Let the machine do its magic, and for sure, you will be satisfied with the outcomes.


  • Hose can be Stiff: There are some who complained about how the hose becomes stiff after it is used. This can be a problem in terms of bringing it back in its original position. You might need to exert a bit of an effort to do this.
  • Durability Issues: Some users were unhappy with its durability. They noted that it may not be able to withstand long-term use. To avoid this problem, you should pay attention to proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning is necessary to prolong its functional life.


From the things that have been mentioned above, it is pretty much apparent that Ivation Electric Pressure Washer is another excellent option within the product category. It has a 1,600-watt motor that can deliver 2,200 PSI. This will be more than enough for most residential cleaning applications. There are also multiple nozzles that are perfect for various cleaning tasks. You can change the nozzle in a snap. Its setup can also be completed in a breeze.