JBL GTO938 6×9-inch 3-way Loudspeaker Review

  • Affordability - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Durability - 7/10
  • Power - 8/10
  • Frequency Response - 8/10


Given its practical price, it is surprising how it is fully-packed in terms of features that can be comparable to the more expensive car speakers.

When you speak about JBL, a lot of people would instantly associate it with superior quality. After all, the brand is backed with many years of experience in the business and was able to build a reputation that its competitors will find hard to match. It has introduced a variety of innovations that gave their products an edge above many others. One of their popular products is the JBL GTO938 6×9-inch 3-way Loudspeaker. This has been recommended by many for the best car speaker. Will this provide the best bang for the buck? Keep on reading and know more if this is going to be an impressive choice.

Passed Rigorous Environmental Testing

Before being released in the market, this product has undergone stringent testing to make sure that it is going to pass the expectations of its users. The tests revealed its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, which proves how it can be fully-functional even in various weather conditions. Through these tests, buyers can have peace of mind knowing that they are purchasing a product that will be hard to match in terms of its overall quality.
JBL GTO938 6x9-inch 3-way Loudspeaker Review

Mylar-Titanium Super Tweeter

Among the different components of a car speaker, one of the most important would perhaps be the tweeter. With such, this model will never be a disappointment as it comes with a high-quality tweeter that is made with the use of Mylar-Titanium. The combination of these materials results into creating a tweeter that is lightweight, yet rigid. It is also fitted with a voice coil that has generous size, which increases the power handling of the product.

JBL Plus One Cone Technology

This is a patented feature, which is perhaps one of the reasons why this is considered by many to be a state-of-the-art car speaker. This leads into having a cone surface that is significantly larger than what can be found from competing models. The larger cone area is beneficial in terms of improving bass response and the quality of sound in general. Indeed, it provides your car audio system with bass that booms.

Built-in Crossover Networks

This is one feature that is unique in this model. Basically speaking, it is the one that is responsible for the transitioning between the woofer and the tweeter. This would lead into making the mid-range vocals sound as realistic as possible.
JBL GTO938 6x9-inch 3-way Loudspeaker Review


  • Easy Installation: You do not need to be professional or to be an experienced handyman to be able to complete the installation of the speakers. The manufacturer provides comprehensive instructions and all the things that you need. There are no special tools required. It won’t take long before you can finally enjoy an upgraded car audio system.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Given the environmental tests that the product have been subjected to, you can be confident about its quality. Heat and humidity, among others, have been tested and the manufacturer ensures that it will be able to withstand such environmental factors.
  • Foam Surround: This is beneficial not only in terms of being durable, but it also helps to dampen the speakers and to minimize the impact of vibration. This will affect greatly the way sound is reproduced, even when driving in bumpy surfaces.
  • Long Life Span: If you take a look at the components of the speakers, from the materials used to their overall design, you will see why it has been ranked by many as being excellent when it comes to durability. Even through the years, you can expect that it will remain functional. It will take a long time before it is going to call for a replacement.


  • Upper Mid-Range Can be Improved: If there is one significant problem, it would be the fact that the quality of the upper mid-range could have been better. Only audiophiles, however, will be able to notice this problem.
  • Need for an Amp: There are also some who hated the idea that you need to purchase and install an external amplifier. Otherwise, you may not be able to achieve the sound quality that is exactly as envisioned. The amp can be an added cost on your end. Given the affordable price of this model, however, buying an amp should not be a problem.


As it is made by one of the most trusted names on the market, JBL GTO938 6×9-inch 3-way Loudspeaker is definitely one option that you will not regret. Given its practical price, it is surprising how it is fully-packed in terms of features that can be comparable to the more expensive car speakers. It has passed rigorous testing, unrivalled in terms of durability, and can reproduce sound with extreme clarity. The upper mid-range may not be as impressive as higher-end models, but speaking in a general term, it is indeed going to be an excellent pick.