JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Review

  • Weight - 8/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Wheels - 7/10
  • Overall Design - 9/10


While the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller may be bulky and the tires are airless, it has a diverse set of features that make up for its weakness. In addition, it also has a cool and stylish appeal, which is surely going to turn eyes.

Comfort and style – these are two of the reasons why JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is one of the most popular options that you can see in the market today. As a leading choice for high-quality umbrella stroller, it is made with the use of excellent materials and sports and exceptionally amazing aesthetics, which makes it one of the best-looking umbrella strollers. More than its style, it delivers unmatched functionality and excellent quality. Will it be worth your money? Keep on reading and learn more about its features, making it easier to decide if you should have it purchased.

A Stroller That Is Fairly Easy to Use

To be honest, the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller may not be amongst the easiest to use in the product category, but it is not as complicated as other models as well. The stroller comes with a two-fold design and it can be folded in 6 steps, which is quite longer compared to other models that are available. Folding can also be a bit hard because of its heavy weight. It would have been better if there is an audible sound, such as a click, which will let you know once it has been completely folded or unfolded.

JJ Cole Broadway Stroller

Compact Stroller with Airless Wheels

In spite of being a bit on the heavy side, the stroller comes with a compact design. Because of the latter, there should be no problem in having it maneuvered even in tight spaces. More so, it is made with plastic airless wheels. For many, this is one of its most significant drawbacks. It would have been better if the wheels are designed with shock absorbers. Because of the absence of the latter, the ride can be bumpy, especially when on uneven or rough surfaces. Because of this, it is best fitted only when shopping in a mall where the surface is more even.

Built with an Emphasis on Safety

When choosing the best umbrella stroller, one of the most important factors that should be given emphasis would be its safety. After all, your biggest concern is most probably to find a stroller where you can be confident of the safety of your baby. In the case of the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller, it ranks well when it comes to safety features. It has an easy to release and access brake to put the stroller at a halt. It is also a good thing that it has the standard 5-point harness system, which keeps the baby in a secured position.

JJ Cole Broadway

The harness is easy to buckle and easy to adjust. In addition, the stroller has also undergone stringent testing in order to ensure its quality. In fact, it is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and has passed the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

A Flexible Choice for Umbrella Stroller

The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is built with flexibility in mind. It can be easily converted from a bassinet to a toddler seat. It can be also converted in a snap from forward facing to parent facing. This can be done with just a quick spin. You will not have to deal with complicated steps in order to change its position. This is indeed a proof that it is built not only for the comfort of babies, but for the convenience of parents as well.


Among others, the following are some of the good things about this model, providing you with reasons to have it purchased:

  • Removable storage basket with generous storage space
  • Easily convertible from front to parent-facing
  • Handle height can be adjusted based on what is comfortable for you
  • Can be folded with the use of just one hand


Meanwhile, it cannot be denied that there are also several drawbacks about the stroller, including the following:

  • No suspension system in the wheels, making the rides bumpy
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Quite bulky and heavy than other strollers within its price range

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In sum, the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is another product that will surely make an excellent choice. While it may be bulky and the tires are airless, it has a diverse set of features that make up for its weakness. In addition, it also has a cool and stylish appeal, which is surely going to turn eyes.