JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

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  • Audio Quality - 10/10
  • Comfort - 10/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Value - 9/10
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It is definitely the kind of headphone worth investing your money on. Thus, if you want to have a noise cancelling headphone you personally own, then the JVC HANC250 is the right choice.

JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black
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Having noise cancelling headphones is important. After all, it means that you are able to listen to music anywhere you are. It is even more important to note that you can easily watch any movie you want even while you are in transit simply because you have a noise cancelling headphone. The said headphone will give you the chance to hear music or watch movies in crystal-clear, high-definition notes. Not only that, you do not have to bother other people due to the loud sounds because you have your headphones on. That is the value of the noise cancelling headphones. To enjoy all the things that come with the noise cancelling headphones, you should consider buying from the top ten best ones. One of them would be the JVC HANC250 noise cancelling headphones. The JVC HANC250 has numerous exceptional features worth checking out. Here are the important features that one can enjoy with the said noise cancelling feature.

Noise Cancellation

The technology that sets apart this particular headphone from the rest is the noise cancellation technology. More and more headphones in the market are adopting the noise cancellation technology and that is all because the market demands for that kind of thing. The value of noise cancellation is that it keeps the music in and the outside noise out. With the JVC HANC250, the noise cancellation technology it has is superb.

Noise Cancellation


The lightweight design of the JVC HANC250 is also an important value for the said headphone. It only weighs about six ounces. It has a single-detachable cord that allows the user to store the noise cancelling headphone away without worrying about it getting tangled. Storing it away is a breeze too since it has a storage case that is perfect for traveling. The design is actually great for children since they will not find it uncomfortable. For adults, they should be able to use the JVC HANC250 everyday without any complaints.

Battery Life

Just like the other noise cancelling headphones, the noise cancelling technology of JVC HANC250 relies on an integrated battery. For this particular headphone, there is a need for a single AAA battery and that is enough to allow the said headphone to run 50 hours worth of music at maximum. Even when the user drains the battery, the noise cancelling headphone can still work its magic by being in passive mode.


The JVC HANC250 is incomparable to other noise cancelling headphones since this one does not compromise its sound quality in exchange for noise reduction like the others. The JVC HANC250 is the kind of headphone that do well in the two categories. It offers high quality audio while keeping the outside noise out. The JVC HANC250 is capable of reducing noise to as much as 20 decibels – that is equal to a soft voice. The noise cancellation technology of the said headphone also works better when the music player is actively playing.

Help and Support

With the JVC HANC250, you have an excellent level of support from the manufacturer if you are in need of solutions or information. Help can be given easily via email or phone. There are also FAQs and user manuals that one can easily access to in the Internet.



Quality products offer great warranties. The warranties guarantee that you can get repairs or replacement for free when something happens to the noise cancelling headphone for a certain period. With the JVC HANC250, the warranty lasts for one year.


  • Longer Playback: The batteries of the JVC HANC250 is one of those batteries that offer longer playback for the user. In fact, it might be longer than the others. It has a playback of around 50 hours of continuous music.
  • Great Comfort: It is a very comfortable product to wear. Even children will find the said headphone easy to use. 


  • No Mic/Remote: The JVC HANC250 does not have a microphone or a remote control. This means that you are not able to control the volume, answer calls, or skip tracks with the headphone. 


The lightweight, durable noise cancelling JVC HANC250 headphone is worth the money. You can use it for a long period of time – perhaps longer than the leading brands. It can be easily stored so you can bring it with you when you are traveling somewhere else. The small headphone offered by JVC can definitely deliver the big sounds you are looking for when you are listening to movies or music. Its performance is one of the amazing things that you are able to enjoy when you have the JVC HANC250 noise cancelling headphones. It is definitely the kind of headphone worth investing your money on. Thus, if you want to have a noise cancelling headphone you personally own, then the JVC HANC250 is the right choice.