Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Design - 8.8/10
  • Heating Capacity - 8.8/10
  • Wattage - 8.6/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10


This ceramic heater comes with a decorative base, which also prevents tipping. It has an oscillating feature for even distribution of heat. It also comes with two heat settings – low and high.


As temperatures begin to plummet, there is one appliance that starts to be more popular – space heater. The latter will provide the warmth that you need to feel comfortable. Whether in the bedroom, living room, or any other place, it can increase the temperature, and in turn, you will feel relief from the chilling temperature. While it can be beneficial, however, this will depend on the specific product that will be chosen. With this, it is important to be as thorough as possible in your search for the best space heater.

While there are many options available, Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater is one that is worth being taken into account. In many best space heater reviews, this model has been given favorable feedbacks. In the rest of this post, we will tackle some of its notable features, as well as some of the drawbacks of using the product.

Dual Heat Settings

This is one feature that is indicative of the versatility of the unit. You can choose from low and high heat settings, depending on the size of the room and the level of heat that you want the unit to produce. There is also an automatic mode, which will allow the heater to adjust the heat that is generated based on the temperature of the room.

Overheat Protection

A lot are concerned that this model does not come with an automatic shutoff feature in case the unit tips off. However, it is a good thing that there is protection from overheating, which will be effective in protecting the internal components and will slow down wear and tear.

Power Indicator Light

The light in front the unit will let you immediately know if the unit is turned on. There is no need to be left guessing.

7-Hour Timer

Is it time to go to sleep? It is a good thing that this unit comes with a timer. You can use it to make the unit turn off after the specified duration. This means that it will be an energy-saver since the unit can automatically turn off when it is about time.


  • Comes with a Timer: One of the many things that you will love about this model is that it comes with a timer. This will allow you to set the specific duration by which you want it to heat the room and it will automatically turn off on its own. This is not only for convenience, but also for safety.
  • Has a Decorative Metal Base: This is beneficial both in terms of form and function. This will prevent the possibility of tipping as it makes the unit more stable. In addition, it also looks aesthetically-pleasing, making it complement the décor in any room.
  • Has a Remote: This is one of the reasons why this is a user-friendly space heater. You can control the unit even from a distance and you do not have to be near to set the temperature and to make the most out of the unit.
  • Fully-Assembled: This is another reason why this is user-friendly. When you receive the product, there is no need to exert effort in its assembly. It is ready to be used. Put it on the base, plug it, and start enjoying the space heater.
  • Oscillation Feature: Another good thing about this model is that it allows even distribution of heat in the room. This is because the unit oscillates, which prevents concentration of heat in a specific portion.


  • Lacks Power: One of the drawbacks of this model is that it has minimal heating capacity, making it perfect only for small spaces. When it is used in a large room, expect that it will take a long time before you can feel warm. Also, once it is turned off, it will not take long before a room cools down.
  • No Automatic Shutoff: When the unit accidentally tips off, there is no automatic shutdown feature. This can be a significant safety risk as it can start a fire, especially when left unattended for an extended period.


In sum, Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater is a great choice. From the features mentioned above, it is clear that this is an option that you will not regret for the best space heater. From the heating element to its design, it is indeed exceptional, especially when you limit its use to a small room. It has a stable and decorative base. It also has a remote control, power indicator light, and electronic touch control. Best of all, this is a user-friendly space heater.