LED Wholesalers Dimmable Folding Desk Lamp with Pure White Color Review

  • Cost - 10/10
  • Durability - 7/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Flexibility - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10


You should be weighing down these matters before you make your purchase.

Surely, any individual who does a lot of writing projects will be needing a desk lamp. This is one item that will illuminate the surface of the desk where your work will be done. This is an ideal item for an individual who is working in an office or a student studying his lessons. To be able to properly do his work, a person needs to have one quality desk lamp on his table. In that case, he might consider buying the LED Wholesalers Dimmable Folding Desk Lamp with Pure White Color model. This is one of the desk lamps that is really popular among the buyers. There are many features that are incorporated in the product which any buyer will surely like. If you would love to know more about this product, you should just keep on reading. You should also take note of the pros and the cons of utilizing this specific model which will be mentioned later on.

3-Step Touch Control System

This model has been integrated with a 3-step touch control system. With this system, you will be able to control the brightness of the light that is being given off by the desk lamp. You do not have to rely on a switch button or remote control in order to adjust the brightness of the light. It also offers you convenience as all you need to do in order to turn it on or off would be to touch it.
LED Wholesalers Dimmable Folding Desk Lamp with Pure White Color Review

Non-Flickering Light

You could also be taking advantage of the non-flickering light feature of this product. Typically, if the lights are flickering, such situation causes stress to the eyes. This means that your eyes will get strained a lot whenever you are doing your work under such eye-stressful condition. In that case, this model will help you avoid such situation. You will not have to worry about getting your eye strained or stressed due to flickering lights because the light in this desk lamp does not flicker.

Anti-Glare Light

The anti-glare light feature is also an additional characteristic that you can take advantage of. Glaring is oftentimes a problem for people who are wearing eye glasses. If there is too much glare, it will be hard for the eyes to focus on a particular object. In that regard, this model will surely be an ideal desk lamp for you if you are wearing glasses since it has such anti-glare light feature. With such feature, you will not be bothered by the glare that may arise while you are working.


The flexibility of the item is also a notable feature. With the flexibility being displayed by this product, you can easily adjust or tilt the headlight to the direction where you want it to face and give off its light. You can be assured that each corner of your desk can be illuminated, provided that the headlight is facing the direction where that corner is.
LED Wholesalers Dimmable Folding Desk Lamp with Pure White Color


  • Easy to Assemble – The product is very easy to assemble. The materials that you will need will be the components of the desk lamp, several screws, and a screwdriver. With the aid of the screwdriver, you the screws just need to be screwed right into the specific places of each component. This way, the product can be tightly assembled. You may refer to the manual that will be coming along with the components as your guide in the assembly of such item.
  • Convenience – You can conveniently use this product. You just have to plug it in and touch it to be able to start taking advantage of the light that it gives off. You will not have to perform several difficult actions just to start using such desk lamp.
  • Does Not Get Too Hot – The light bulb of most desk lamps typically get hot after several hours of use. As a result, other parts, especially the upper portion of the item, may also get hot. If you use a cheaper product of less quality, the bulb may explode due to it being very hot. It can even cause fires, especially if the material used to create the item is plastic. One advantage of using this specific model is that it does not get too hot even if you leave it on for several hours.
  • Cost – This is also an item that is quite affordable. Any average person will be able to afford making this purchase.


  • Short Product Life – You might have to be wary about the short life span of this product. After several months of use, most users complain about the item not working as properly as when they had initially bought it. Significant changes is gradual. At first, you will just have problems with the level of brightness but after less than a year, it will not work completely.
  • No Warranty – The company that is manufacturing this item does not offer any warranty for the model so you do not have any option once it goes dead.


You have read the features, the pros, and the cons of the LED Wholesalers Dimmable Folding Desk Lamp with Pure White Color model. You should be weighing down these matters before you make your purchase. These matters can help you in making a final decision with regards to buying this model or looking for another one.