Lights of America 1147 Sunlight Desk Lamp Review

  • Cost - 8/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Design - 10/10
  • Flexibility - 8/10
  • Features - 8/10


You can certainly be taking advantage of a number of features that you can find on this product.

Any person who is studying their lessons every night will need good illumination on their desk to be able to properly perform the task that they are about to be doing. This similar idea also applies to a writer and an office worker, among others. For this matter, you will be needing the presence of a desk lamp in your workspace. A desk lamp provides a light that you can help you in clearly seeing the things that are right in front of you, which, most often than not, are the materials that are essential for your studies or your work. If you are considering of purchasing a desk lamp right now, you should also be taking a look at the Lights of America 1147 Sunlight Desk Lamp model. A few benefits can be taken advantage of if this model will be bought and used. Aside from that, the pros and cons of using this item will also be discussed to help you gain more information with regards to this specific product.

Touch-Sensitive On and Off Switch

The on and off switch of this product is touch-sensitive. This means that a slight touch can easily turn the item on or off. In this case, you will just have to exert a little effort in order to get the item to start working. In addition, you will not also experience pains in your fingers whenever you will be operating it, not like other models that feature hard switches.

2-Year Warranty

A warranty that lasts for two years is being provided by the company. The company guarantees to a buyer that the product is free from defects for such duration. Your options and more relevant information regarding the warranty should be known so a company representative should be contacted about such matters.
Lights of America 1147 Sunlight Desk Lamp Review


  • Energy-efficient – This item is energy-efficient. 27 watts of energy is consumed by the product in order to produce a 150 watt light output.
  • Compact Size – The dimensions of the item should not be a worry as, due to its compact size, only a little space on your desk will be taken up by the item. As a result of this advantage, you can allocate extra spaces to your work area where you can place the materials you will be needing for the activity that you are about to do.
  • Easy to Use – It is also easy to assemble and easy to use. When it comes to the operation of this model, you do not even need to read the manual. You can set this item up quickly by just performing few actions. Aside from that, you just also need to have the power cable plugged in to a working electrical outlet and switch it on. Afterwards, you are now ready to use such item.
  • Stylish – It is also a stylish item. Its usual color is silver gray so it gives off a feeling of elegance. It also gives off a modern look. Surely, this is aesthetically suitable for the desk of any modern-day office worker or college student.
  • Bright Light – The light that it produces is very bright but it is not blindingly so. It will not be straining your eyes even if you will be using it for more than six hours. Aside from that, the bulb does not also get too hot.
  • Stable Base – Due to the stability of its base, it will not easily fall off.


  • Limited Direction – One disadvantage that is noticed by a lot of users would be the limited direction that it can direct the light to. For instance, you cannot tilt it to face upwards to the ceiling because it has not been designed that way. However, this is not necessarily a big deal to most users.
  • Breakable Plastic – This product consists of several parts that can rotate and move. However, it is typically made of plastic which gives off an impression that these parts are breakable. In that sense, a user may unnecessarily be taking too much precaution when using this item. It may be inconvenient in the long run as you will always be worrying whether you will be breaking something or not.


You can certainly be taking advantage of a number of features that you can find on this product. With its two year warranty, you will be able to assure yourself that you will be having a nice desk lamp for the next two years, at least. Aside from that, your workspace will also be illuminated properly with the help of this desk lamp. The pros and cons discussed previously must be taken into great consideration before you even order this model. This way, a sound decision can be made and regrets about your purchase can be avoided.