Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person PVC-Free Air Bed with Battery Operated Pump Review

  • Comfort - 9/10
  • Durability - 8.5/10
  • Air Retention - 8/10
  • overall rating - 8.6/10


This lack of options is the only reason why certain other airbeds in the market have a completive edge over the Lightspeed.

Air mattresses often advertise themselves as the ‘perfect sleeping solution’. However, not all of them live up to their word. Regardless of the inclusion of modern technology and their attempts to improve user comfort, it is impossible for them to be both durable and comfortable at the same time. If the mattress is sturdy, it fails to be comfortable. On the other hand, if the mattress is comfortable, it is not firm enough. The ideal and best air mattress in the market should be able to be both comfortable and durable at the same time. If you are looking for such a product, then you need to set your eyes on the Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe.
This particular mattress does not just boasts about quality, but it offers its customer the service it promises. This product is specifically designed and manufactured for those who seek comfort in outdoor surroundings. Regardless of the harsh conditions in the surrounding, you will be able to sleep peacefully and comfortably as long as you are lying on this mattress. If this air mattress has sparked your interest, then keep on reading.
The mattress includes a patented stabilizer system which includes 192 individual connections in between the top and bottom layers. This feature enables you to adjust your comfort level and mattress firmness without any hassle. This flexibility benefits people who like their beds firm as well as people who like it soft. Moreover, since the mattress is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the material will not stretch like most mattresses in the market. Thus, you will be able to use it on the long-term.
As mentioned above, TPU is not just about comfort, but it also about support. This material is popularly known for its toughness. This durable surface makes the Lightspeed mattress the ideal solution for your sleeping problems during vacations. Additionally, the material also shows high resistance to puncturing and abrasion. This will prevent leakage, which is a problem that many outdoor travelers who use best air mattress for camping regularly face.
Unlike most air mattresses in the market, this one does not have multiple seams. It is operated through a single seam construction and yet somehow proves to be more durable than the rest of the alternatives in the markets. Professionals state that mattresses that have greater number of seams are more susceptible to leakage. This is why the manufacturer has decided to opt for a single seam design. Since the risk of leakage is low in this option, you can be assured that the mattress will not deflate like a flat tire while you are asleep.


• Lightweight – Despite the durability of the mattress, the product is lightweight. This quality is specifically created to benefit travelers. This lightweight design will enable you to carry around your bed in your backpack without any hassle.
• No regular refills – The exceptional leak-proof quality of the mattress eliminates the need for top offs after the initial refill.
• Highly supportive – The impressive durability of the mattress enables even two bulky individuals to use the mattress at the same time.


• Inefficient pump – Consumers have shown a slight dissatisfaction with the air pump due to the fact that it is battery operated.
• Loss of air – Although the mattress is leak-proof, some consumers have complained about air loss since the two-way boston valve is not entirely or properly closed.


The product has received mixed comments from the consumers. Most air mattress reviews about this product, complement the durability and the user-friendly design of the product. 67% of the consumers have given it a 5star ratings and only 8% of the consumers have stated that the product deserves only one star. The product has also received an overall rating of 4.3 stars (out of 5). The consumers seemed to have forgiven the minor faults in the design since the product makes up for it through its durability.


The durable, comfortable and long lasting design of the Lightspeed air mattress is definitely an attempt to increase the convenience of backpackers and other adventure budget travelers. The mattress enables the user to sleep peacefully and comfortably without having to worry about bedbugs or bad posture. Moreover, the product has also showed incredible resistance to the harsh geographical conditions in many outdoor destinations. However, it must not be forgotten that the product is only available in Queen Size and is only available in blue color. This lack of options is the only reason why certain other airbeds in the market have a completive edge over the Lightspeed.