Limelights LD1002-PNK Organizer Desk Lamp Review

  • Cost - 8/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Design - 7/10
  • Flexibility - 9/10
  • Features - 10/10


You will surely be able to take advantage of the many things that this model can offer.

Illumination is needed by individuals, especially during the night time. In this manner, the users can clearly the things that are present in front of their line of sight. Once they have an idea as to what is right in front of them, they will be able to perform the appropriate actions that they are required to do. This similar concept also applies to using a desk lamp. With the illumination provided by a desk lamp, you, whether you are an office worker or a student, can clearly see the items that are laid out on your desk and work on them properly. For this matter, you should be looking for the best one that you can set up in your office or room. The Limelights LD1002-PNK Organizer Desk Lamp model can be one of the models that may be considered for your purchase. Such model has several features that can be enjoyed by any user. To make a final decision for your purchase, you must also know its pros and cons. You should keep reading to know these things.

Available in Various Colors

There are a variety of colors which are available for this product. Not only will you be finding a pink one but you will also be finding black, green, orange, red, and white models. For this matter, you will surely have a lot of options to choose from and be able to get something with the color that you like. It will also be adding to the beauty of the area where you will be placing such lamp.
Limelights LD1002-PNK Organizer Desk Lamp Review

Eight Compartments

At the base of the item, you will be finding eight compartments. These eight compartments can prove to be useful spaces where you can store different types of smaller items. You can store your paper clips, thumb tacks, pens, and pencils, among others. Such compartments offer you convenience as you will not have to look for them every time you will be doing your work.

iPad Stand

At the same base, you will also be seeing an iPad stand. You can place this iPad on this stand for easy viewing. While working, you can easily watch a movie or view files. The iPad stand is not limited to iPads, though. It is also suitable for notebooks and light books. With this feature, it surely makes this desk lamp model suitable for a college dorm room or bedroom.

On and Off Flip Button Switch

An on and off flip button switch can also be found on the base of the desk lamp. This switch is very easy to use that it will render the manual useless since you do not need further instructions on how this item can be operated. All you have to do is plug the product into a power supply and flip the switch.
Limelights LD1002-PNK Organizer Desk Lamp


  • Flexible Gooseneck – The gooseneck of this model is flexible. With that said, you can conveniently adjust the direction to the place where you need it to face so that it will be directing its light on the said spot. You just have to check on the angles that you can tilt the item to. This way, you can avoid breakage.
  • 1 Year Warranty – A one year warranty is given by the company for this product. In that case, they are guaranteeing to any buyer that the item that they will be receiving is free from any product defects. You must know more about this warranty, though, so that you will also know what options you can take advantage of in case you need such warranty.
  • Bright Light – You can also benefit from the bright light that is being given off by this product. With such bright light, you will surely be seeing the items on your table clearly. You can also be performing your task better. The bright light coming off from the product will be suitable for doing your task, such as making your project, finishing your paperworks, or studying.
  • Cost – This is also one of the most affordable products. You can make your purchase for a certain amount of money and you will be able to have one for your bedroom.


  • Melting Incidents – Melting has been reported by some individuals. With such incident, the bulb socket breaks. Afterwards, the plastic around the bulb socket will start to melt. Once it reaches this condition, it can be a fire hazard and may start a fire on the area where you are setting it up. However, typically, this means that they have used a bulb that exceeds the 15 watt limit.


The features incorporated in this desk lamp model will surely be of great use to any individual who will be purchasing such item. The pros and cons of such model should be weigh down so that you can identify if this is really the product that you would want to purchase and set up on your own desk. Upon making a sound decision, you will surely be able to take advantage of the many things that this model can offer.