Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Combo Review

  • Affordability - 8/10
  • Display - 9/10
  • Power - 7/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10


This fish finder comes with a built-in GPS, hybrid imaging, split screen viewing, accurate mapping, and user-friendly interface. At its price, this will definitely prove to be an excellent investment for fishing enthusiasts.

Made by a premium brand in marine electronics, Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Combo is known as one of the best choices for high-quality fish finder. It is not necessarily cheap, but it comes with an affordable price. It is a compact alternative to the larger models that you can see on the market, yet it is teeming in terms of features that are seen in its larger counterparts. From its construction to its technical specifications, it is indeed an option that is worth considering. Keep on reading and know more about this product, making it easier to decide if this is the right pick for you.

High-Resolution Screen

One of the most important parts of a fish finder is the screen, which will show you exactly the location of the fish. In the case of this model, it comes with 4.3-inch, high-resolution screen. Compared to the previous model in the same product line, the pixels are 70% higher and the usable screen portion is bigger by as much as 36%. This will allow you to see more information at the same time.
Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Combo Review

Downscan Overlay

This is another technological feature that makes the fish finder hard to rival. It is complemented with traditional sonar, providing the product with hybrid imaging capabilities. This leads into having an impressive underwater presentation. It will show you clearly where the fish is and will have it separated from other structure in the surroundings.

Built-in GPS

The reliability of the GPS that comes in this unit is another reason why it has been ranked by many as an exceptional choice. The GPS provides you with access to 3,000 maps and detailed information about the surroundings. It is complemented by a precise receiver, making sure that the location will always be accurate. It is also compatible with Insights Genesis, allowing you to create your own map based on previous data that has been collected.

Track Back Feature

With this fish finder, it will be easy for you to view previously stored information, such as fish targets, structure, and location. You can always go back to the optimal settings and you do not have to be left guessing.

Advanced Signal Processing

This is another reason why many of the users of this fish finder assert that it is one of the most user-friendly options that you will ever find. It eliminates the need for guesswork and for making manual adjustments. It automatically adjusts based on the condition of the surroundings.


  • User-friendly: This is one of the things that you will love about Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Combo. It is filled with features that make it a snap to operate. For sure, even if you are a beginner, you will not find it complicated to use this device.
  • Waterproof: It is also worth noting that it has IPX7 rating, which means that it can be fully immersed in water. There is no need to worry about getting wet.
  • Brilliant Display: You will be able to easily see what is displayed in the screen since it has high resolution. It is also equipped with a backlight, which means that the display can be highly visible even if it is placed in direct sunlight.
  • Multiple Screen: It is also a good thing that you can have the screen split in up to three panels. Even with its small size, you will be able to see more information because it can be divided in different parts.
  • Accurate Mapping: When it comes to GPS, accuracy is one of the most important concerns. This should not be a cause of worry with this model. You can be assured that the maps will always be accurate.


  • Screen Prone to Scratches: There are some users who have complained about the quality of the surface of the screen, noting that it can be easily scratched. This will make the fish finder appear obsolete even within just a short span of time.
  • Initialization Time: There are also users who noted that the long time needed to initialize can be a major problem. The information won’t load easily, which means that you have to wait for a few seconds.


With all of the features that have been mentioned above, Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Combo is indeed going to be an exceptional choice. It has a high-resolution display, hybrid imaging, waterproof construction, and easy to use interface. Even if you have not used a fish finder in the past, having it operated will not be a problem. Its accuracy is also going to be impressive, providing you with peace of mind that the information is always right and reliable.