Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Leaf Blower Review

  • Affordability - 8/10
  • Weight - 8/10
  • Power - 8/10
  • Convenience - 9/10
  • Motor - 8/10


This gas-powered leaf blower comes with an impressive engine. It produces lesser emissions and it is also quieter compared to most of the choices within the competition.

When autumn comes, there is one thing most people are concerned about – cleaning leaves falling on their yard. Anytime of the year, this situation can also be true, specifically after mowing. In this case, it would be wise to invest in a leaf blower. It must be of high quality, and hence, you must exert effort in trying to differentiate the options that you will have. In this case, you might want to consider Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Leaf Blower as an alternative. Keep on reading the rest of this review and in the end, you will learn about its top features, as well as possible drawbacks with its use.

24.5 CC 4-stroke Engine

One of the most impressive features that you can enjoy from this leaf blower is its engine. This makes it able to deliver speed of up to 145 miles per hour, which is less compared to what you can expect from others within the competitive landscape. Nonetheless, it should be pointed out that in spite of the power of its engine, its use should still be limited to small scale tasks as it will not be as exceptional when used in larger applications.

Built with Emphasis on Comfort

Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Leaf Blower Review
A lot of people would most probably resort into paying a gardener to do basic tasks at home. This is because they do not have the right equipment, specifically one that can be comfortable even when used for a long time. With Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Leaf Blower, you will surely enjoy the fact that it is built to be as comfortable as possible. The vibrations that are made are lesser compared to other models, even if it is gas-powered. This means that fatigue will also be lesser.

Mechanical Automatic Engine Decompression

This is one of the features that will make it exceptional when it comes to being user-friendly. This will allow it to start the unit not only quickly, but also in a manner that is calmer. It can also lead into the reduction of the vibration that is produced.
Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Leaf Blower Review


  • Fuel-Efficient: This is one thing that gives it an edge above other gas-powered leaf blowers that you can find on the market. It means that you will be able to use less fuel while being guaranteed of the optimal functionality of the unit.
  • Low Noise: If you ask anyone who has been using leaf blowers that operates through gas, it is common to hear complaints about the noise that it produces. With the Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Leaf Blower, on the other hand, you will be happy knowing that it only has 67 decibels. This means that its use will not be disruptive in any way.
  • Soft Grip: As it has been earlier noted, the comfort of the user is one thing that is emphasized by the manufacturer in the design of this model. The grip, for instance, results into lesser quivering. With this, excessive vibration is eliminated and you can also expect lesser fatigue, even when using it for an extended period.
  • Lower Emissions: The mere fact that it is powered by gas should not discourage you from using this leaf blower. It is a good thing that even if it is gas-powered, the fumes that are produced are lesser compared to what you can expect from other models. This will result into lesser impact on the environment.


  • A Bit Heavy: If you are looking for a leaf blower that is portable, you might have a problem with this model. It is a bit heavy, which might make it inconvenient to have it held, especially if it is going to be used for an extended period.
  • Not for Demanding Tasks: This may not be an excellent choice if you are looking a leaf blower that can be used for professional and large tasks. The minimal air velocity that is produced by this unit will make it less powerful compared to its competitors.


If you are looking for a gas-powered leaf blower that can be perfect for small-scale tasks, Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Leaf Blower is going to be an exceptional pick. Take note of the important word here – small tasks. For more demanding applications and for larger yards, the performance can prove to be dismal. As it has been noted above, it can deliver a wide array of benefits, such as the low noise that it can produce and lesser emissions, especially when compared against other gas-powered models on the market. It is comfortable to hold and user-friendly, which is why it is given words of praises even by novices.