MarsLG Anti-Glare Desk Lamp Review

  • Cost - 9/10
  • Durability - 9/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Flexibility - 9/10
  • Features - 8/10


You should be weighing down these pros and cons in order for you to determine whether you will proceed with buying this model or not.

Light is an essential part of the daily lives of individuals. With the presence of light, any person will be able to clearly see and make out the things that are right in front of them. With that idea in mind, it is also important for light to be present whenever you will be writing something or doing something that can be done on top of a table, such as a desk. Proper illumination can assist you in performing your work well. In that case, you should be getting a desk lamp that can light up the surface of the table, giving you a clear view of what you are doing. The MarsLG Anti-Glare Desk Lamp should be one of the models that should be taken into consideration due to the numerous features that can be offered by it to any user. To check out the pros and cons of utilizing such item, you just have to keep reading.

Simple On and Off Switch

This item has a simple on and off switch. With such feature, you can just easily turn on the desk lamp if you need to use it or turn it off afterwards. You do not need to memorize or use several buttons just to be able to utilize this product. However, you have to make sure that the power cord is plugged into a working power outlet since this item needs electricity to be powered on.
MarsLG Anti-Glare Desk Lamp Review


This model also offers flexibility. Due to this feature, the headlight can be adjustable. This means that you can tilt the headlight easily to the direction you want it to face. You can adjust it according to where you need the most light on top of the table. With this, it is an ideal product for a busy student or a busy office worker who is doing a project or finishing paperworks, respectively.

Non-Flickering and Anti-Glare Light

The light that the item is giving off is a non-flickering one. This means that it will not be stressing your eyes out whenever you will be using the desk lamp while you are working on your task. Aside from that, the anti-glare property of the product makes it very suitable for any user who is wearing eyeglasses. If you are also wearing a pair, then, you can clearly see what you are doing.

Small and Compact Size

This model is also famously known for its small and compact size. Because of such size, only a little amount of space will be taken up by the item. You will still be having more than enough space for the other items that you will be working on. Aside from that, it will also not be getting in the way of your work.
MarsLG Anti-Glare Desk Lamp Review


  • Durable – The item is made from both plastic and metal. For this matter, the metal part will assure you that it is durable. Durability is definitely the first thing that most buyers are looking for in a product.
  • Simple and Easy to Use – This product is simple and easy to use. Even though the design is simple, it is a very functional item that you should consider getting for your own desk. You will just need to turn the power switch on or off to operate the item. You will not even have to read the instructions written on the manual regarding the steps on how to use this commodity.
  • Appropriate Cord Length – Most users will say that they are satisfied with the length of the power cord. The length of such cord is just right. It can surely reach the power outlet that is located near the table or desk that you are working at.
  • Bright Light – This item uses a LED light for the headlight. This gives off a very bright light that is ideal for those times when you are doing some tasks at the top of your table. With such bright light, you will surely be seeing whatever is in front of you in a clear manner. You can also be performing your task more precisely.


  • Bulb Cannot be Replaced – One of the main disadvantages that most users would notice about this product is that the bulb cannot be replaced. Many people wants to change the bulb probably because they would want to replace it with a warmer light. However, they cannot do that with this model. If the bulb will not work anymore, then, the product will become entirely useless.
  • Short Product Life – Another disadvantage is its short product life. Many users have complained that they were only able to use the item for several months. After that period of time, it will not turn on already.
  • Light is Too Bright – Even though the bright light that it is giving off may be advantageous for some people, other individuals find it too bright and inconvenient. This is usually the case especially if they will be using such lamp as a reading light. Sleep patterns can be disrupted if an individual reads a book under a very bright light. Since the bulb cannot be replaced, as earlier mentioned, the item may solely be used as a task lamp.


Certainly, the features of this model are several in number. Aside from that, the pros and cons for this product are also noticeable. You should be weighing down these pros and cons in order for you to determine whether you will proceed with buying this model or not. Ultimately, the final decision will be yours to make.