Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow Review

  • Aesthetic Appeal - 9/10
  • High Durability - 9/10
  • Performance Accuracy - 8/10
  • overall rating rating - 8.6/10


You need to get yourself something that will increase your potential as an archer.

As a professional archer, you might know all the right tricks and techniques to hit your mark. However, even the best of archers fail to understand that the game is not entirely dependent on your personal skill. The bow you use can affect your chances and your accuracy to a great extent. This is why it is so important for all professionals to invest on a reliable, high-quality recurve bow to ensure their victory.
When it comes to recurve bows, most of them are specifically designed for beginners and young learners. Some manufacturers have totally forgotten that experienced archers and trained professionals need to change their bows once in a while too. More than novice players, these are the individuals that have specific requirements when it comes to bow design and quality. If you are going through recurve bow reviews to find the perfect archery companion for a trained archer, then you need to set your eyes on the Martin Jaguar. Here is some information about the equipment that you need to know.
The most striking feature of the recurve bow is the exterior of the equipment. As much as it is powerful and accurate, the bow is also beautiful and elegant. Although the overall equipment has a traditional outlook, the riser has a very modernistic touch to it. This makes the Martin Jaguar highly unique. Moreover, the bow is very easy to assemble as well. As a pro in the field, you will have no trouble in putting the bow together.
The recurve bow’s lightweight design and sturdiness are two of its biggest assets. Although the bow does not weigh much, it is surprisingly strong. The main reason for this impressive sturdiness is the fact that the bow is created through the mixture of both magnesium and aluminum. Moreover, the equipment is also vibration-free. This makes it easier for you to handle the bow and thereby allows you to hit your mark.
After all, this is what it is about, isn’t it? Regardless of its external appeal and brand identity, a recurve bow is not useful if it is incapable of hitting its mark. As long as you are within your yard limit (40+), you will have no problem in terms of accuracy. Moreover, the absence of vibration enables you to hit your shot with more precision and control.
Since the equipment is made of wood and is laminated with fiberglass, you will be able to bend the bow to your will. The limbs will last for a long period of time – especially if you maintain them in a careful manner. Some professionals fear that the fiberglass laminate can from the wooden limb if it is overused. You need not worry since this problem has been fixed by the manufacture.


• Wonderful design – The elegant appeal of the recurve bow will make it a beautiful addition to your bow collection.
• Sturdiness – Despite its lightweight quality, the equipment can withstand pressure. Thus, you will be use it on the long-term.
• High reliability – The recurve bow’s ability to survive on the long run makes this bow reliable hunting companion.
• Take-down construction – As much as it is easy to assemble the equipment, you can easily dismantle it too. This way, you will to transport and store the recurve bow easily.


• Low quality control – When using the equipment on the long-term, you will have to replace certain parts of the bow.
• Limited number of features – Although the equipment does include a number of accessories and impressive additions, some consumers are not content with the availability of features.


The impressive durability and the lightweight design of the recurve bow makes it a popular option among professional archers. The fact that 93% of the consumers have given the product a 5 star rating shows that it is indeed great investment. Moreover, a reliable ecommerce platform has given the Martin Jaguar a 4.9 out of 5 stars. Experienced archers have mentioned the equipment’s ability to be used and dismantled easily to be highly convenient. Moreover, the external appeal of the recurve bow is mentioned quite frequently too. It is important to note that not all consumers seemed to be impressed with the quality of the product. Some have stated that the recurve bow does not long last if it is used on a regular basis. However, some argue that this could occur if the equipment is misused or mishandled.


Of course, you might feel attached to your current bow due to sentimental reasons. However, it is important for you to understand that these bows need to be updated according to the developments in the field. If you wish to improve your skills and efficiency as professional archer, you need to possess the best recurve bow in the market. You need to get yourself something that will increase your potential as an archer. In other words, you need to get yourself a Martin Jaguar.