Miele CM5200 Black Countertop Coffee System Review

  • Design - 10/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.6/10
  • Safety - 9.5/10
  • Durability - 9.7/10
  • Warranty and Support - 9.7/10


What this machine offers is a high end coffee making experience that is indeed perfect in any home environment. It has lovely features, yet easy functionality which makes it even more ideal.

There is nothing more reassuring to a coffee maker buyer than the fact that what he is getting is a product that has been tried and tested through time. Such is the Miele CM5200 Black Countertop Coffee System. Customers are treated with a coffee system which quality, durability, and reliability have been tested for 20 years. This is a coffee maker for the real connoisseur and will definitely be a purchase that will be worth every dollar spent. This can be a pricey product to purchase, but it is definitely a high end one.

Milk Flask Made from Stainless Steel

The milk flask is made up of a double-walled stainless steel. It is very effective in keeping the milk in the container cool to even up to 12 hours. One is assured that the quality is retained and is very much how a quality steamed milk tastes.

Milk Flask Made from Stainless Steel

Coffee Spot that is Adjustable Depending on Cup Sizes

The machine has a dispensing spout that is height adjustable. This means that it can actually accommodate a wide array of sizes for your cups. You can use the classic petit espresso and can use the classic American mug as well.

Two-Line LCD Display

The LCD display help create a user interface that is intuitive and convenient. This makes it easier for a user to pick out the right selection on order to brew that ideal coffee cup.

Chamber for Ground Coffee

You might want to bypass the usual and traditional way of brewing coffee and choose to not to use whole beans this time. This is doable too. There is a designated process where ground coffee can be poured into. It can even be oscillated so you can choose from a decaffeinated to a caffeinated cup.

Chamber for Ground Coffee

Integrated Warmer

Miele’s cup warmer is able to heat up the front section within just 15 minutes. The entire warmer can be heated in a matter of 30 minutes. There is going to be enough space available to accommodate three coffee cups or 6 espresso cups.

Spout Dedicated to Hot Water

If you want to enjoy some tea or some hot cocoa, you can with the use of the machine. There is a sport dedicated for hot water so you can easily dispense some conveniently from the coffee maker.

Automatic Cleaning System

A most convenient feature for the machine is the fact that it can clean by itself. When it is turned off, the water from its integrated tank is used to get the pipework for the milk cleaned off. This is indeed convincing at its finest.

One-touch Functions

You can easily dish out specialty beverages from the machine with just a single push of a button. For instance, you can start serving latte macchiato or cappuccino through the one button function. This is available in double-sized or two in a single setting portion.

One-touch Functions


  • Sleek and modern: This is definitely one very modern and sleek machine that can be expected to dispense coffee drinks that are high in quality. It is very high end and rightfully so, given the current market pricing it is being offered at.
  • Ready to use out of the box: The device is practically ready for use the moment it is unpacked. There may be a few items that need to be washed and rinsed and a few things to plug. Afterward, it is ready for your first brew.
  • Easy maintenance: There is a display window that offers convenient walk-throughs for language choice, maintenance, hard water selection, and even setting up the clock. You will also be provided a test strip to ensure that you are able to figure out the hardness of the water that you are using and have it set in accordance to what is ideal for the coffee system.
  • Grind beans in one touch: This is a very capable coffee maker. This means that in just one single push of a button, it can grind the coffee beans. It does the job quietly too.


  • Can take up space in the kitchen: This is not a very bulky machine, but it is not a very small one either. It is going to take a considerable amount of space in the kitchen
  • May not be perfect for office use: the milk system needs rinsing whenever it is used otherwise it might end up getting clogged. This is not a setting that is ideal in many offices as people may end up being way too busy to do a rinse whenever they get their servings done.
  • Drip tray fills rather quickly: This means that people may have to wait longer before they can be served their drinks since routine rinsing needs to be done. This is another factor that makes it less ideal for offices and makes it more suitable for home use.


What the Miele CM5200 Black Countertop Coffee System offers is a high end coffee making experience that is indeed perfect in any home environment. It has lovely features, yet easy functionality which makes it even more ideal. It is considerably pricey, but with the things that you are getting in return, it is definitely worth every penny.