Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Portable Variable Speed Band Saw with Case Review

  • Battery - 9.1/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.2/10
  • Value - 9/10
  • Cutting - 9.3/10
  • Durability - 9.1/10


Unlike other tools out there, this unit combines excellent performance with quality and comfort. When it comes to cutting material, it can go through metal, wood, steel, etc with ease.

This unit is one of the most important band saws developed by Milwaukee. It has all the features that a newbie will want to look for in a band saw and it has all the features that will help the expert achieve and carry out his projects in record time.

Whether you are an experienced plumber, contractor, technician, etc, you will find that this unit completes your tool set. And if you are just starting out, you will not be bogged down with too many features that will obstruct your learning curve.


  • It is backed by 5 years manufacturer warranty: We like this because you are sure that the manufacturer is serious about their product quality as well as the satisfaction of their customer. If you have your product in good condition without any user-inflicted damage, you can still get your repair done free when you spot any malfunctioning on the unit.
  • It is capable of giving you excellent performance with the powerful 11-amp motor onboard: Unless you are a newbie, you would definitely be able to capture in your mind what an 11-amp motor will achieve. It means you can cut through most materials with relative ease and accuracy because the motor there to power the machine with great strength.
  • It is designed for durability and long lasting usage: We like products that are designed with durability because it helps us to save the cost of replacement. It also means that it is a good buy and we are actually going to enjoy our money.
  • It has a mechanism that helps prevent or absorb impact forces through the inbuilt clutches: Any tool that does not have this feature is likely to die a premature death. We don’t want that and we don’t want that for you – that is why we are recommending this product for you too.
  • It also comes with all metal direct drive: the metal direct drive helps to prevent this tool from rusticating and being damaged early.


  • This Milwaukee Model is Durable: If you are someone that works long hours, you will want a machine that will not only help for long hours but can also help you do that without getting tired at the early stage of your project. This model allows you to do both with an additional benefit – It will stay with you longer than you might expect. The construction is solid and well built so that it can stand abuse – whether you dropped it or abuse it with heavy usage, it will continue to work without breaking down. However, this benefit comes with a downside, and that is the fact that it is a bit heavy. This is a good thing in the actual sense because you want the weight of this model to do the cutting for you – in a smooth way.
  • It has a variable speed action that is excellent: If you have ever used a power tool, you know the important of the variable speed on a tool such as this. The variable speed makes it easy for you to cut down materials with ease especially the heavy materials that would take some amount of strength to cut through. We like this because it cuts down on the number of time that will be used in completing each project.
  • The trigger action on this unit is smooth: One thing is for a band saw to be good, but another thing is for it to be great. In this review, we will describe this band saw to be great because the trigger action comes alive quickly anytime you call on it. It does not delay your project or make it frustrating, which is what everyone wants anyway. We, therefore, give the manufacturer thumbs up here.
  • This unit comes with an LED light: Have you ever worked in the dark before, probably because of necessity? If not, we may not be able to convince you the benefits of buying a band saw with an LED light. However, if you have, then you are already smiling at what comfort a simply designed LED light on a band saw will give you when you work in the dark or a poorly lit job site. Unlike other saws without an LED lamp, your project will not be interrupted no matter where you are working.
  • Get Extra blades for the fuller benefits of this unit: This unit comes with a case where you can store extra packs of blades with this unit. The reason why we are recommending this is that you are likely going to want to be using it every now and then because of its excellent performance, as some customers have said. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to lose action at the middle of a project. If a blade wears out, you can easily replace it without having to wait until you order a replacement. Another reason is that if you use large liquid-cooled saws for your fabrication work, this unit is likely to replace them because it will do a better job.


  • You can’t cut deeper than 4.5 inches in diameter: As you would expect, you tend to use a tool like this in cutting anything, anywhere, any day, and everywhere. Because of this, you would want it to cut through any material that you come across. Although this unit can truly cut through most material, the problem arises when you need to cut through materials that are very thick – probably thicker than 5 inches. You would be stuck with this material because you can’t cut anything above 4.5 inches in diameter with this unit. Nevertheless, don’t be discourage from buying this unit because of its versatility, it can cut cable, steel, wood, plastic and more.


We are recommending this band saw to you, based on our research, experience, and observation. Unlike other tools out there, this unit combines excellent performance with quality and comfort. When it comes to cutting material, it can go through metal, wood, steel, etc with ease. In addition, not only does it go through these materials with ease, but it also cuts down those materials with speed. Once we see a saw with this powerful feature, we recommend it as a good saw.

However, this saw is also of very high quality because it can stand abuse and stay with you for a long time. Many users have also testified to this fact.¬†And the most important thing is that it gives you comfort in addition to the above benefits. You will be able to save time and eliminate the need for other tools. You don’t have to chase after the next model from Milwaukee or other brands after you buy this tool, what you would chase after, we think, should be set of blades for you work to be easier.