Newhouse Lighting Energy LED Desk Lamp Review

  • Cost - 7/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Flexibility - 10/10
  • Features - 9/10


There certainly are a lot of features which can be enjoyed by any customer, just like you.

The primary function of a desk lamp is to illuminate the area on top of the desk where a certain person may be working on a certain task. With proper illumination, eye-straining activities, which is detrimental to the eyes, can be avoided. Aside from that, good quality work can also be expected. For this matter, you should be getting a good desk lamp which you can use for your paperworks. The Newhouse Lighting Energy LED Desk Lamp is one of the products that is gaining popularity among a lot of users nowadays. This model should be given consideration since several features can be offered by such product to a user. To know more about the features, the pros, and the cons of such product, you just keep on reading.

LED Lights

This item utilizes LED lights. For this matter, you can assure yourself that you will be getting a natural light that does not flicker when you will be using such model. While working, you will avoid stressing your eyes. Aside from that, LED lights are also known for their energy-saving property. It can also provide a run time of 35,000 hours. As an illustration, if you will be using the item for around three hours per day, you can expect the product to still work for around 32 years.
Newhouse Lighting Energy LED Desk Lamp Review

Stylish Architectural Look

You can also benefit from how the this model is being designed. Such design gives the item a stylish architectural look which is great, aesthetically speaking, for a college dorm room. Not only that, it is also suitable for an office or bedroom setting.

2 Color Choices

There are two color choices which are available to be bought by the buyers. It can either be a black-colored one or one that is coated with brushed nickel hue. These two available color choices will surely entice people from different ages to buy the item, whether young or old, men or women.

1 Year Warranty

This product comes with a one year warranty that is provided by the company. With the warranty that they are providing, they are giving a guarantee to a customer that the lamp is of good quality and does not have any defects. You must speak with a customer service representative of the company in order to know more information about such warranty.

Simple On and Off Switch

The on and off switch of this item is located at the base. It is a simple switch so all you need to have is common sense when turning the item on or off. You will not be needing any further instruction as to how the product should be operated.
Newhouse Lighting Energy LED Desk Lamp


  • Easy to Use – The model can be used easily. What you just actually have to do is plug its power cable to an outlet and push the switch. You do not even need a manual for such operation.
  • Energy-Efficient – Since the item is using LED lights, you can assure yourself that it is efficient with the energy that it is consuming. It also does not emit heat which will cause you to sweat if you are working under this item.
  • Saves Money – As a result of it being efficient with energy, the effect that it will have on you is that it can lower your electric bill. Energy-efficiency means that it does not consume as much electricity than another desk lamp. In turn, you will be able to save money from a lesser electricity bill.
  • Flexible – This item is known for its flexibility. You can just easily adjust, tilt, and twist the arm for it to face the direction where you want the light to be directed to. You will also not have to worry about it falling off to one side as the item has a sturdy base that can accommodate such movements.


  • Bulb is Irreplaceable – One main disadvantage that is associated with using this specific model of desk lamp is the bulb being irreplaceable. For this matter, if the buyer finds the light being emitted by the product too bright to his liking, he will not have the option to replace it with another bulb.


There certainly are a lot of features which can be enjoyed by any customer, just like you. It is not a wonder why this item is also being purchased by many users. The pros of this model exceeds its cons which makes it a very suitable product for any individual. You should be thinking about these matters before your purchasing decision will be made final. You should not settle for anything less when making your purchase. You should make sure that the product can provide you with a lot of useful features but really fits well within your budget. This Newhouse Lighting Energy LED Desk Lamp should definitely be one of your top choices.