Porter Cable C2002 WK Pancake Compressor Review

  • Affordability - 8/10
  • Weight - 8/10
  • Power - 8/10
  • Force - 9/10
  • Tank - 9/10


This air compressor comes with a lightweight and compact design. It can provide low amperage, which makes it ideal in cold environments. It is also user-friendly.

A portable air compressor will definitely prove to be an excellent investment, whether it is for consumer or professional use. At home, it can be used for simple tasks, such as inflating tires and sports equipment. It can also be an excellent tool for a wide array of DIY tasks. For professional applications, they are critical for automotive repairs and woodworking, among others. While they can offer tons of benefits, this will depend on the specific product that you will choose. In this case, one option that you might want to consider would be Porter Cable C2002 WK Pancake Compressor. Is it going to be worth your money? Keep on reading and learn more about this product.

Built to Deliver Powerful Performance

When you take a look at the technical specifications of this model, it will be easy to understand why this has been given favorable feedbacks when it comes to power. It can deliver up to 150 PSI or pound per square inch. On the other hand, it has 2.6 Standard Square Feet per Minute. The 120-volt motor is also impressive. Even when it is used in a cold environment, starting the motor will surely be as effortless as possible.
Porter Cable C2002 WK Pancake Compressor Review

13-piece Accessory Kit

This is able to provide the best value for money because of the accessory kit that is included. Rather than having to purchase them separately, they are already included in the package. Some of the accessories that you will have include nylon hose, tire chuck, blow gun, quick coupler, Teflon tape, and tire gauge, among others. You can immediately get started with whatever work needs to be done as you will be provided with the basic tools that can be possibly required.

Oil-Free Pump Design

One of the best things about this kind of air compressor is that minimal maintenance will be required. There is no need to have the oil checked from time to time and to have it replaced when necessary. However, it is also worth noting that there are some significant drawbacks in using an air compressor with an oil-free design. For instance, there are some who noted that this could lead into a loud noise and can also shorten the functional life of the motor.
Porter Cable C2002 WK Pancake Compressor Review


  • Compact Design: Space efficiency and being lightweight are two of the things that you can enjoy from this compressor. Because of its weight, you can definitely enjoy its portability. Its size, on the other hand, will allow it to consume minimal space in the work area and storage room. You can easily bring it with you wherever work needs to be done.
  • High Pressure: PSI or pounds per square inch is one of the technical specifications that should be looked at in comparing the options for the best portable air compressor. In the case of this model, it has 150 PSI, which is pretty much impressive, allowing it to apply maximum pressure even for the most demanding tasks.
  • User-Friendly: There is no need for you to have extensive technical knowledge to maximize the functionality of this product. Even if you have not touched an air compressor before, its operation is going to be straightforward. Thankfully, it is made with the needs of users in mind. The manufacturer also provides comprehensive instructions to guide you on how it is used.
  • Low Amp: When people see that there is low amperage, they might instantly think that it is inferior. However, such is not the case. With low amp, this means that the air compressor can start effortlessly even if it is going to be used in an extremely cold environment.


  • Can be a Bit Noisy: When working in any project, noise can be annoying, especially if work is going to be done for an extended period. There are several customers who complained that the noise produced by this air compressor can be a bit loud, which is primarily because it is oil-free. Compressors with oil tend to be create less noise.
  • Motor may not be Durable: There are also some who have expressed concerns about the limited functional life of the motor. Again, this is a problem that results from being an oil-free compressor.


In sum, Porter Cable C2002 WK Pancake Compressor can indeed prove to be impressive in more ways than one. Even if you look at other portable air compressor reviews, you will see that it is being given words of praises, specifically in terms of being easy to use and portable. It is powered by a low amp motor, allowing it to start easily even in the cold. It also provides good value for money as it comes with a kit containing the basic accessories that you will need.