ProForm 1310 E Review

  • Cost - 9/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Weight Capacity - 9/10
  • Features - 8/10


Indeed, this model has a lot of features to offer to any person who will be buying and utilizing such item for their workouts.

Good health should be the one of the primary goals of individuals. With good health, people will have the abilities to continue doing what they love doing as well as complete the tasks that they need to perform. There are two main things that you can do to achieve good health. First, you need to eat healthy meals. Second, you need to perform workouts regularly. In the case of the latter, you may consider purchasing an equipment to help you in achieving your goal. In that case, you could buy a ProForm 1310 E. This is a known model of elliptical machine that offers complete body workout to its user. You should keep on reading in order to get more information about the pros and cons as well as features of this product.

7” Full-Color Touch Display

A full-color touch display measuring seven inches is connected to the machine. Such display will be showing you some data that are related to the workouts that you have been and will be performing in a clear manner. In addition, it will also allow you to control and adjust the settings of the unit.

Integrated Tablet Holder / iPod Compatible Audio

Entertainment during workouts is important for some people so that they will not be struck with boredom. They may either watch some videos or listen to some songs. There is also an integrated tablet holder that can be found on this machine. You can place your iPad or tablet on there which allows you to properly watch videos while exercising. The unit also has an iPod compatible audio feature that allows you to connect your iPod filled with your favorite workout songs to the machine and listen from there.

25 Digital Resistance Levels

The unit features 25 digit resistance levels. These levels refer to the difficulty of the workout that a user can do. If you want to experience and go through a more challenging workout, then, you can raise the resistance to a higher level.

8” Coolaire Workout Fan

You will surely be getting and feeling sweaty while you will be working out. In that case, the Coolaire workout fan that you can find in this machine may be interesting for you. The fan measures eight inches. It provides you with a cool breeze to refresh you even if you are still using the unit for your exercise activity.

Water Bottle Holder

The water bottle holder is also a useful feature associated with this machine. Since your body is losing fluids, in the form of sweat, when you are working out, you need to replenish them so that you can avoid dehydration. You can put a bottle of water into this holder so that you can conveniently and immediately take a drink whenever you need to.

32 Workout Apps

There are 32 workout apps that are being made available by the machine. You can choose from these workout apps the one that you are comfortable doing or the one that is challenging for you. These workout apps have been designed and compiled by certified personal trainers. Once you set the machine to a certain workout app, it will be adjusting the resistance levels, and others, automatically. With this, you can quickly get started with the workout that you have chosen.


  • Weight Capacity – The weight capacity of this unit is something that is liked by many users. Any person weighting up to 375 pounds will be able to get on the machine and use it for exercise activities. In this case, you or any members of your family will be able to utilize such equipment for your daily workouts.
  • Commercial-Grade Steel Construction – The main component in manufacturing this item is steel. Steel is oftentimes associated with durability. In that case, you will definitely be getting a durable product with this model of elliptical machine.
  • Safety – You can assure yourself that you will keep yourself safe when using the equipment since you will be stepping on oversized pedals.


  • Noisy Equipment – One known disadvantage of this product is that it squeaks a lot. It produces a lot of noise so there is a higher possibility that you will be disturbing another person when you will use the unit for your workouts. This is not ideal for those who have babies and want to workout when these babies are sleeping. The noise will surely wake the infants up.


Indeed, this model has a lot of features to offer to any person who will be buying and utilizing such item for their workouts. In your case, you should start weighing down the positive and negative sides of using this elliptical machine. After making your decision, you should make sure that you will be buying the merchandise from a legal and reputable seller. When assembling the equipment, the product manual that comes along with it should be referred to always.