ProForm ZE 6 Review

  • Cost - 8/10
  • Durability - 9/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Weight Capacity - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10


You might be needing the ProForm ZE 6 since it provides full body workout to the user. Its benefits and downsides were also presented so you can compare these things and pick this machine as your great choice.

Regular exercise should be a part of the daily routine of any individual. Exercising regularly provides a lot of health benefits to the individuals. Not only will they be in their best physiques but they will also have the abilities to still do the things that they love to do. It is important, though, that the whole body performs a workout and that your exercises should not be focusing only on specific body parts. In this case, you might be needing an elliptical machine since it provides full body workout to the user. Since the market is already teeming with different brands, you could consider one of them which is the ProForm ZE 6. You must keep on reading in order to look at the features that this certain model has to offer and also the benefits and downsides of using it.

Water Bottle Holder

With this model, you can find a water bottle holder that is incorporated into this machine. In this holder, a bottle of water that you might be bringing while you are working out can be placed. This way, water is within your reach whenever you need to drink. Drinking water is important, especially after working out, to replenish the fluids that are lost by the body through sweating.

Water Bottle Holder

iPod Compatible Audio

This machine also offers an iPod compatible audio feature. Through this feature, you will be able to connect your iPod into this equipment so that you can listen to the music that  you might have saved in your iPod. Typically, individuals who work out listen to music so that they will not be struck by boredom. The kind of music that they listen to will also affect how they approach their workout sessions.

18 Preset Workout Apps

This model is loaded with 18 preset workout apps. These apps have been personally designed by various certified personal trainers so you can assure yourself that the workouts are very effective. If you have decided on the workout app that you want to use, you can just easily adjust it to the right option. Afterwards, the machine will automatically adjust itself according to the proper settings required by the workout app that you have chosen.

18 Preset Workout Apps

Large Window LCD Display

You will also be finding an LCD display attached at the front part of the machine. This LCD display has a large window. Through this, you will be able to clearly take a look at the data being measured by the machine that are related to the workout that you are performing. You will not have to squint your eyes just so you can decipher what is the display showing to you.


Warranties are provided by manufacturers to the buyers to assure them that the products that they will be purchasing are of good quality. For this specific elliptical machine, the manufacturer is also offering a lifetime warranty for the frame, one year warranty for both the parts and the labor. The terms of this warranty should be known so that you will also your options in case you will be needing it for future use.


  • Durability – One thing that you can expect from this product is durability. This model is durable because commercial-grade steel was used in order to have it constructed. With that said, you can expect that you will still be able to use this machine for the coming several years.
  • Weight Capacity – You or any member of your own family will be able to use this exercise machine because of its higher weight capacity. It can accommodate anyone who is weighing up until 300 pounds. This will surely be an equipment that all the family can share.
  • Silent Operation – This model operates in silence. No noise comes out of it when it will be utilized for exercise activities. In this case, other people will not be disturbed whenever the machine is running and being operated on.


  • Non-Adjustable Pedal or Stride – It is important for the stride to accommodate the difference in the heights of the users. However, the pedal or the stride of this specific model cannot be adjusted. This means that if you are currently uncomfortable with the length of the pedal or stride, then, you will have bear with it.
  • Big Size – The model is known for its big dimensions. In that case, you can expect that it will also be taking up a lot of space in your property. You may find it too much for the area where you will be setting it up.
  • Heavy – Along with its size, you can also expect it to be heavy. As a result, it will be inconvenient for you to move the machine from one location to another.


At the end of the day, you will be the one who will get to decide whether you will be purchasing the ProForm ZE 6 or not. You were able to read the features that is offered by this product so you should see if they are indeed useful to you. Aside from that, its benefits and downsides were also presented so you can compare these things and pick your choice.