Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

  • Affordability - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Tank Capacity - 9/10
  • Diffusing Time - 8/10
  • Coverage - 8/10


With the lightweight design, compact profile, and generous tank capacity, you have a lot of good reasons to have it considered above others. With this model, you will also have the option to direct the mist in the specific direction that is preferred.

If the quality of air in the room is dry, you will have a hard time breathing. This is one thing that is not good for your health, and for this very reason, you have to invest in the best humidifier that you can find in the market. The latter will help to improve air quality by adding the moisture that is needed.
While it is indeed true that a humidifier can be beneficial in more ways than one, keep in mind that they are not all created the same. Inevitably, one can be better than the other. As the buyer, your decision is critical to make sure that you will be provided with the best bang for the buck. With this, among others, one option that you might want to consider would be Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. In the rest of this post, we will explore more about the features that you can expect from the use of this product.

1,500-ml Tank Capacity

When you see this model, you might think that it is small. However, in reality, the tank comes with a generous size, allowing it to accommodate up to 1.5 liters of liquid. This means that it will take long before there is a need for refilling. This will also make it an excellent choice even for larger rooms. Because of the size of the tank, when it is used in its lowest setting, it can diffuse for up to 16 hours continuously.
Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


Aside from being a humidifier, it can also double as a nightlight. This will make it an excellent addition in the bedroom, especially in the nursery. The soft glow of the humidifier will provide subtle illumination, which can also help set the mood.

360 Degree Nozzle

This is one feature that will provide you with complete control on how the humidifier is used. This means that you will be able to rotate the nozzle and to direct the mist in your chosen direction.

Automatic Shutoff Feature

There is no need for you to manually turn it off. Once the tank is empty, the unit will turn off on its own. This will minimize the possibility of causing damage to the unit and will also effectively extend its functional life.

Ultrasonic Mist Technology

With this feature, you can expect that it is going to operate in a manner that is quiet. This makes it perfect for the bedroom as it will not disrupt your sleep.
Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: As it has been earlier mentioned, this is basically because of the Ultrasonic Mist technology. You would barely notice that it is there. This is unlike in the case of other models that can create a buzzing noise, which can be annoying, especially when you are sleeping.
  • Huge Tank: The size of the tank is another good reason to have it considered above other options that are available in the market. This means that it can diffuse for an extended period of time. There is no need to have the tank refilled every now and then, and hence, minimizing the hassle on your end.
  • Mist Can be Directed: The nozzle that is integrated in this unit makes it possible to have the mist directed where you want it to be.
  • Durable Construction: Even through the years, you will be happy knowing that it can retain its superior functionality. It has a rigid construction. To enjoy this benefit, however, you have to make sure that it is well-maintained. Regular cleaning is a must.


  • Can be Difficult to Maintain: To be sure that your humidifier will remain functional for an extended period, regular cleaning and proper maintenance will be necessary. However, such can be tasking in the case of this model. The possibility of having mineral buildup is the reason for such.
  • Tank is Hard to Open: When it is time to have the tank opened and to refill the liquid, you might also experience some difficulties. The tank is a bit tight, requiring more effort for you to have it opened.


If you take a look at the opinions of other people and the features that you can find in this product, it is easy to be convinced that Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is indeed an excellent choice within the product category. It has a large tank and can diffuse for a long time. It might be quite challenging to maintain, but with patience, you will be able to clean it effectively, and hence, this can be instrumental towards prolonging its functional life.