Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump Review

  • Pumps - 8.5/10
  • Control - 9/10
  • Comfort - 9/10
  • Overall Rating - 8.4/10


this might be the most suitable option for you in the market. As long as you take proper care of the mattress and behave yourself in bed, this invention of Serta might be of good use to you.

It is common knowledge that at least 6 hours of sleep is essential for humans to function normally. Continuous disruptions in the circadian rhythm can affect an individual health and productivity to a great extent. We all have experienced sleep problems at some point in our lives. This could be due to a bad breakup, work stress or even due to the fear of approaching exams. At such circumstances, most people resort to sleeping pills or other medications since they believe that it is the only solution to the problem. Well, guess what? A comfortable mattress can be as effective as any of these pills.
If you have an air mattress in your bedroom, there is no need for you to look for any other solutions. This bedroom furnishing can help you sleep like a baby. All you need to do is read air mattress reviews and find the one that suits you the most. When going through your options, you will definitely come across Serta’s raised air mattress. If you want to make the purchase a good one in the first shot, this is what you need to bet your money on. The following is some information about the product that might interest you.
The mattress includes two pumps that perform completely different roles. The primary pump is responsible for both the inflation and the deflation of the mattress. You will be able to pump it up and pack it up with the touch of a button. The secondary pump is used to maintain the air pressure to ensure that you are comfortable with the firmness of the surface. This pump also enables you to monitor the air pressure of the mattress and thereby prevents the furnishing from sagging while you are asleep.
If you are not accustomed to sleeping on the best air mattress in the market, you need not worry. Although the product includes modern technology, it can be handled easily. If you unsure about the air pressure, there is no need to trouble yourself with guesswork. Once the mattress is inflated to the optimum level of comfort, the pump will shut down automatically. Moreover, this automatic control also shuts down the pump when the furnishing is completely deflated. This prevents the motor from burning out and thereby ensures the safety of your investment.
The product offers three comfort levels namely, plush, medium and firm. You can automatically inflate the mattress to your desired comfort level through the comfort adjust dial. Once you select the customized setting of your choice, it will remain the same for the rest of the night. If you wish to change to another level, all you need to do is adjust the button.


• Raised height – Unlike most air mattresses in the market, the height of this product is slightly elevated. This makes you feel as if you are sleeping on a regular, traditional mattress.
• Advanced support construction – The circular coil system and the puncture resistant materials offer a strong and supportive structure for the surface of the bed.
• Sure grip bottom – This feature prevents the bed from moving when you are asleep and thereby protects you from getting hurt.


• Short product warranty – The manufacturer has only offered the product warranty for one year. This means, despite the puncture resistant materials, the mattress will not last more than a year.
• Low durability – Although the product is comfortable during the first few nights, consumers have stated that the mattress loses the ability to hold its shape after a while.


Regardless of the use of neverFLAT technology and the inclusion of two pumps, customers are not satisfied with the durability of the product. This investment is not just about money, it also about the user’s health and safety. Many consumers have expressed their disappointment with the product’s ability to hold its shape and firmness on the long-term. Some have complained that the product become ineffective long before it reaches its warranty period. Only 65% of the users have given the product a 5star rating. On a more positive note, the mattress has been awarded a 4.2 out of 5 stars on a popular ecommerce platform.


The fact that the mattress cannot withstand long-term use makes one question whether this investment is an effective one or not. Of course, it is puncture resistant and therefore you need not worry about your safety. But the problem here is the comfort of the mattress. The product’s inability to maintain is firmness has discouraged consumers from making the purchase. However, if you are not planning to use the product every other day and if you only want to use this best air mattress for camping and other outdoor activities, this might be the most suitable option for you in the market. As long as you take proper care of the mattress and behave yourself in bed, this invention of Serta might be of good use to you.