Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift Away Upright Vacuum Review

  • Affordability - 7/10
  • Weight - 8/10
  • Power - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Capacity - 9/10


The powerful motor of this multi-functional upright vacuum provides you with the guarantee that it will be able to lift away even tough dirt on your floors. It is lightweight, operates quietly, and user-friendly.


Keeping your floor clean is not an easy task. Sweeping and mopping are just some of the things that you need to do. This can be an exhausting task, especially if you need to do it frequently and if you have a big house. Why would you make things hard if there is an easy way to do it? Invest in an upright vacuum cleaner and you will surely find it a lot easier to clean and maintain your floor.

What is the best upright vacuum cleaner? This is a question that is hard to answer. Many manufacturers will claim that they have the best product, but you should not just believe what they are claiming. With this, one of the options that you might want to take into consideration is Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift Away Upright Vacuum. In the rest of this post, we will take a quick look at some of its notable features, as well as its pros and cons.

Lift Away Capability

This is one of the most distinct features that you can expect from this model. This is also the reason why it fares well when it comes to versatility. The vacuum motor and the dirt reservoir can be detached from each other, which means that you can also have it used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner.
Shark NV501

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

This feature is complemented with HEPA filtration. This is the one that allows the vacuum to suck up to 99.99% of dirt that is found on the floor. Even the tiniest pet hair will surely not be able to escape. This can provide you with the assurance that allergens in the house will be minimal, which is vital in terms of improving indoor air quality.

Rotator Technology Enhanced Swivel Steering

With this feature, you can expect that this will be a user-friendly upright vacuum. This will make it easy for you to have it moved around the house, minimizing fatigue. This will allow you to have it maneuvered with ease, unlike in the case of other models that will require a lot of effort on your end.

Brush Roll Shut Off

This will make this versatile as it can work on different surfaces. Whether it is on hardwood or carpet, you can expect that it will be able to deliver an exceptional performance. The soft brush will especially be helpful when cleaning carpets, making sure that the surface will not be damaged.

Shark NV501


  • Operates Quietly: Many of the upright vacuums are known for creating a loud noise when they operate. One of the best things about this model is that it will perform its job in the absence of having to create an annoying sound.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The way that the handle is designed can also prove to be impressive. It is large enough so that you can easily fit your hand. It is also designed in such a way that holding it will be comfortable, even for an extended period of time.
  • Lightweight: Some vacuums are too heavy, which is why using them can be tiring. With the lightweight design of this model, on the other hand, you will feel more comfortable even after cleaning for a long time.
  • Long Power Cord: The length of the power cord is one more thing that has been highlighted by many users. This will allow you to have it used even when you need to vacuum an area that is far away from the source of power.


  • Can be Prone to Tripping: One of the most common complaints from this vacuum cleaner is that it can be unstable when it is in an upright position. It seems like the design is not well-balanced.
  • No Automatic Cord Rewind: This model comes with a 30-foot cord. Its length is a good thing because this means that you will be able to move freely even when far from the source of power. The problem, however, is that it has no automatic winding capability. The presence of such could have been a good time-saving feature.


In sum, this will definitely make an excellent choice for an upright vacuum. Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift Away Upright Vacuum is feature-rich, user-friendly, and can guarantee exceptional capability to clean your floors. Whether it is bare wood or delicate carpet, you can be confident that it will be able to deliver an impressive job. This is one cleaning tool that you will need if you want to keep your home clean without having to exert a lot of effort.