Skil 3320-01 Drill Press Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Power - 8/10
  • Speed - 8/10
  • Weight - 9/10
  • Drilling Capacity - 8/10


The affordable price and durable construction of this drill press make it impressive. To make it even better, it comes with laser guidance system for accuracy and speed adjustments for versatility.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press
List Price:$124.99
You Save:$3.74
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When looking for the best drill press in the market, things may not be easy for you. There are many options, each claiming to be better than all others. The differences in size, power, speed, and features, among others, will make it even more challenging for you to come up with the right choice. In some instances, people just choose which one is the cheapest, assuming that it is an excellent choice because of its price. In most cases, however, it is not enough that you consider price alone.

In your search for a drill press, one option that you will most likely encounter is Skil 3320-01 Drill Press. This is often recommended by many. What makes it a good choice? What features give it a distinct advantage above its competitors? Keep on reading and learn more about this model, including the good and the bad that you can expect from it.

Laser X2

This is one of the most notable features that you can find in this model. This is basically the one that is responsible for making sure of drilling precision, regardless of the material that will be drilled. Hole alignments will be accurate all the time in the absence of having to make manual measurements. It will be automatically done by the machine.
Skil 3320-01 Drill Press Review

5-speed System

Looking for a drill press that can prove to be exceptional when talking about versatility? This is definitely one that should be part of your list. It comes with a 5-speed system, allowing you to have it adjusted based on the specific requirement of the drilling task that will be completed. You can adjust the speed accordingly based on the material.

Adjustable Work Surface

The versatility that you can expect from this model is not only demonstrated by the speed adjustments, but also by the adjustments that you can do on the work area. The drilling table can be tilted to up to 45 degrees. This will provide an assurance of precision when drilling at an angled position.

½ Inch Keyed Chuck

With this feature, you can expect that the drill press will be able to accept even larger bits and work on such without having to exert too much effort, while at the same time, guaranteeing accurate results. It is complemented by the presence of a large work table, which will allow you to work even on larger materials.
Skil 3320-01 Drill Press Review


  • Precise Drilling Outcomes: If precision is important for you, this is the drill press that you should choose. It comes with a laser guidance system, making sure that it will drill only on the right holes. There is no room for mistake.
  • Drills a Wide Array of Materials: It is also a good thing that this model can be useful in a variety of applications since it can work on different materials. Regardless of the material, however, you can expect the same dependable performance from this drill press.
  • Economical Price: Are you looking for a product that comes with an economical price? This should be included in your list. This will be an excellent choice for people who have limited budget, yet unwilling to choose just any product. In spite of being affordable, its performance will definitely be hard to rival.
  • Durable: It may be sleek, but it will never be a disappointment when it comes to its durability. It is made with the use of premium materials, which are known for their ability to withstand the test of time. Even through the years, you can be sure that it will remain dependable.


  • Hard to Adjust Tilt: There are many people who noted that one of their problems deal with the adjustments of the table when it is being tilted. They noted that doing so requires more effort compared to some of its competitors.
  • Speed can be Hard to Adjust: While it is a good thing that there are speed adjustments that you can do with this unit, some have revealed that making the changes can be tasking. Others, however, recommended that the application of grease on the sides will resolve this issue.


The economical price of this model and its durable construction are just two things that make Skil 3320-01 Drill Press an impressive choice. It is also accurate, which can be basically because of the laser that is integrated in the unit. The large work surface is also a plus, allowing it to work even on larger surfaces. There are also speed adjustments that can be done, allowing you to have it modified in five different settings depending on what the work requires.